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Our Tour Package

What is included in our tour packages?
The price of nearly every ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES motorcycle tour covers all these essentials: your motorcycle, private hotel room for the duration of the tour, 3 meals per day (except lunches on rest days), petrol, tolls, and all entrance fees and of Course the Government’s cut the 7%  Value added Tax (VAT)   You may not have to put your hand in your pocket the entire trip!
Hotel lodging for our 10-Day and longer motorcycle tours start the night before the trip begins, and of course every night thereafter, including the night of your return to your tour’s ending city.
( NOTE: Our five-day tours are slightly different. Hotel accommodations are also included the night before the tour begins and every night of the tour thereafter. However, hotel accommodations are not included the night we return to our ending city. This is because on these shorter tours, many customers decide to fly home once their tour is finished.)
The price of an A.M.A motorcycle tour package does not include the following: airfares, alcoholic beverages, snacks, rest-day lunches, visa fees, any optional activities not specifically mentioned in the itinerary, and anything else not mentioned under, “This tour package price covers…”

If you are travelling to Asia from North America or Europe, it is highly recommended, imperative even, to arrive at least 2 or 3 days before your motorcycle tour begins so you can recuperate from jet‑lag, a condition no one is immune to. Many participants like to spend these first few days sightseeing in BANGKOK, the gateway city most people fly into. Chiang Mai has an international Airport and you can fly in direct if you choose.
We can arrange additional accommodation at good rates in Chiang Mai.
A participants’ briefing is scheduled early afternoon on the day before your tour begins. Please make sure you are in your tour’s departure city by this time. Over complimentary cocktails and snacks, you will meet your fellow travelers.

Discussions will cover: the types of roads and road surfaces you will encounter; local traffic regulations; tips for handling the Asian style of driving; and typical road hazards, which include wild elephant avoidance strategies!

Safety is emphasized because nothing on this trip is PARAMOUNT to getting you back home in the same condition you left it in, albeit with a few extra pounds around the middle.

The first day’s ride is usually an easy one, allowing everyone to limber up and get familiar with the bikes and the roads. You travel light: our support vehicle will carry your luggage and your shopping purchases. It can also can carry you and your bike if you need a break. Our motorcycles can be fitted with an optional Givi rear trunk and/or tank bag if you so desire.
Our support vehicle is driven by our tour guide/mechanic. His job is to make sure your bike is running perfectly and to assist you in any way possible. Also accompanying every tour is a local expert in all things Thai who will impart to you his knowledge of his culture, history, fauna, flora, geography, and anything else you express an interest in.
An early departure each morning allows plenty of time to take frequent breaks and to enjoy the points of interest along the route. We try to arrive mid-afternoon at each day’s final destination so you can relax after many miles in the saddle and enjoy the facilities and ambience of a new town, take a dip in the pool or the sea, or unkink with a massage. Night driving is never scheduled.

Whichever hotel we choose is the finest in each location and chosen to reflect the culture and charms of an area. We categorize our tours as luxury tours so we make sure every lodging facility has the highest level of comfort possible. Each participant gets their own hotel room for the entire tour.
Occasionally, A.M.A does venture into an enchanting but remote area where basic amenities like electricity or running water may not even be available. In these instances A.M.A makes sure the accommodations are, at the least, clean and comfortable. These basic lodgings are often the most enjoyable and memorable on the trip. This is when the feeling of being in a far-off land hits hard. The small sacrifice in personal comfort is only for a single evening and is well worth the immense pleasure of being able to stay in such a hard to reach and remarkable environment. It is part of the fun, part of the excitement, and an integral part of adventure travel.

If there is a highlight on our tours besides the motorcycling, it has to be the food. Start dieting now, and bring along a looser change of clothes. Each meal is a joy, but dinners are no-holds-barred feasts.
Lunch stops are usually in medium-sized towns along our route. Occasionally we drive far out of our way just to sample an especially delicious example of a region’s cuisine.

Coils of northern Thai sausage.
Northern Thai sausage

Plate of succulent BBQ pork with chili dipping sauce.
 Succulent BBQ pork with chili sauce
Scallion dumplings sizzling in a pan.
Sizzling scallion dumplings
Fresh coconut drink.
Refreshing chilled coconut juice
Preserved egg
Preserved egg, also known as hundred-year egg

Stewed pork offal

Stewed pork offal
Yunan hot pot
Yunan hot pot
A bowl of Shan curry noodles
Shan curry noodles - Kaow Soi
Quail eggs as snack food
Boiled quail eggs
Squash still life
Squash and pumpkin still life

Evening is when time is ample to savor the culinary delights of Asia at a leisurely pace. Local delicacies are cooked to perfection and eaten in neighborhood establishments rubbing elbows with the citizenry. You will soon be eating like a native.
Asian fruits are a story unto themselves and we make it a point to introduce you to many exotic varieties you had no idea even existed.


The hardest part of designing each of our longer A.M.A tours is choosing the location for our rest-day. On our 10‑DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE TOUR we couldn’t decide so we included two rest days. Why not, because there are so many interesting places to enjoy.
All stops on our itineraries have something inherently unique about them. It is a shame there isn’t enough time to pay each one an in-depth visitation. This is simply not possible considering the amount of ground we cover––3,000+ kilometers (2,000+ miles) on certain motorcycle tours. Some of the A.M.A selected rest-day locales are:
• An underwater national park surrounding an island in the South China Sea.

• Luxurious jungle lodges reached after a long river cruise through the oldest rainforests on earth.

• A floating bungalow resort on perhaps the most beautiful lake in the world.

• A Dayak longhouse on the banks of a wild river.

• A visit to a wild border town in Burma.

• The most notoriously hedonistic island in Thailand. Be especially careful here––you may never return home! Their full moon parties are legendary.
Here’s just a partial list of available rest-day activities that will keep you plenty busy: off-road motorcycling, scuba diving, snorkeling, river tubing, sea canoes, board sailing, deep sea fishing, sea cruises, golf, bungy jumps, massage, health spas, casinos, rock climbing, elephant rides, horseback riding, oxcart rides, white water rafting, bamboo raft excursions. Or just laze around. Catch some rays. Catch some fish. Catch some Z’s. The choice is yours.

( NOTE: Our 5-Day tours do not have a rest day.)

We offer a large selections of off-road tours that you can read about in our off-road riding section.
We also offer instructional off-road riding courses for rank beginners, conducted in the same mountains that the experts ride, complete with all the off-bike amenities that everyone on our tours enjoys.
Our most popular off-road tour by far is our Old Elephant Trail 5-Day Tour.

But as limitless as the variety of terrain is in the Golden Triangle, that is how limitless your off-road riding possibilities are.

Crossing a forest stream.

Crossing a forest stream.

If you want to design your own off-road tour for you and your friends, custom and private tours are one of our specialties.

Any road here, that you are riding for moderate amount of time, will have a modicum of off-road riding involved. This is because roads in Asia are far below Western standards. So inevitably we do hit road sections undergoing construction or repair that are some combination of dirt, rock, and rubble. These segments are usually not very long or hard, but we do encounter them. If you have zero experience on the dirt, don’t worry––it’s not difficult, and we will show you how. And our dual-purpose motorcycles are capable of easily handling these conditions. Many people find riding dirt roads a lot more fun and interesting than riding on asphalt.
Our LAOS, ANGKOR WAT, and ONE MONTH THAILAND‑CAMBODIA EXPEDITION and most of our other extended motorcycle expeditions are another story altogether. These tours have segments of off-road riding in them and are not for beginner riders. Long segments go through jungle and over steep mountains and over roads so bad they have nerve even being called a road.

Finally, just so there are no misconception, A.M.A is a guided, group motorcycle tour. This means we ride in a convoy and the group must stick together. Solo riding is not possible except on certain segments that are specifically spelled out during each tour’s morning briefing.
Believe us when we tell you that this is for your own protection. You would not want to be lost in the middle of Asia, incapable of deciphering a barbed-wire-script road sign, unable to speak the language, not knowing the lay of the land, not knowing anything at all.



First-class insurance covers our entire motorcycle fleet in Thailand and Laos. We are the only motorcycle tour company in Asia that provides this highest degree of coverage. All other Asian motorcycle tour companies will only protect their motorcycles and customers with cheap, third-party policies. Being covered by first-class insurance could make the difference between having a great holiday or having one that could turn into a nightmare.

If you have a lot to lose, you can lose a lot if you are not protected properly.
It is strongly recommended that every participant take out a travel insurance policy before coming on one of our tours.  This policy should cover your personal health whether resulting from an accident or illness, plus cover medical evacuation, repatriation, trip cancellation or disruption, luggage damage or lose, theft, breakage, etc.
Travel insurance is easy to arrange with a simple call to your insurance broker.  If you want to purchase this insurance separately, we work with the global insurance company, A.C.S.. They offer a specially-designed insurance package developed specifically for our motorcycle tour participants. You can purchase this insurance online, pay by credit card, and the policy is delivered by email. Click the link above, read their terms, and then click “Get a Quote and Subscribe” on the right side of the page.
– MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE on the BURMA, CAMBODIA, and and other developing nations.
Insurance for motorcycles in the above-mentioned countries does not exist due to the lack of an insurance industry. For the above mentioned tours, we have to self-insure ourselves. Click to read about our SELF-INSURANCE PLAN.

Our damage deposit policy is an easy one: We give you a motorcycle in a most-presentable condition for your tour and expect it be returned in that same most-presentable condition for the next customer who rides it. If the condition changes significantly under someone’s ridership, their deposit will be used for the necessary repairs.

Also very simple: if you break something on your bike and the fault is yours, you have to replace that “something”.
Due to our insurance excess or claim deductable we must collect a damage deposit from riders before the tour starts, the deposit can be in cash or a credit card pre authorisation which does not get deducted until activated and expires in 14 days.

  • Kawasaki KLX 250                         USD 500.00   THB 17,500
  • Honda CB500X                              USD  750.00   THB 26,000
  • Kawasaki Versys                            USD  800.00   THB 28,000
  • Harley Davidson, Versys 1000       USD 1000.00  THB 35 000
  • BMW F800GS                                USD 1500.00   THB 52 500

. The limit of any rider’s responsibility in case of damage is their original deposit amount.
Your deposit will be refunded in full at the completion of the tour provided no damage has occurred to the motorcycle. If damage has occurred and repair costs are less than deposit amount, then the difference between the repair cost and the deposit will be refunded.

A.M.A ignores normal wear and tear on the bikes. But if a rider breaks an item such as a mirror, foot peg, turn signal, light, cracked plastic, bent handlebars, etc., due to a fall or out of negligence, the price of a replacement part plus any labor required for that repair will be deducted from their deposit.
Damage deposit can be made in cash (any currency equivalent), or credit card:
NOTE: Because of Thailand’s archaic banking laws, we cannot accept a deposit by credit card on tours longer than 14 days. In these instances, damage deposit must be in cash
A.M.A greatest pleasure is to return your deposit in full at the completion of your tour. Please take care.

As avid bikers, you are all familiar with assuming and managing risk. Every time you climb onto a bike in your home country you are accepting some element of danger. The same holds true on an A.M.A motorcycle tour.
The biggest safety hazard on our tours are the other Asian drivers. No one ever described them as disciplined. Driving regulation and enforcement here is lax, so drivers have developed a style of driving that does not conform to international standards.
This road-sharing problem is alleviated a great deal by the dearth of traffic on the majority of A.M.A routes, and we purposely avoid commercial arteries. It is mighty hard to have an accident if no one else is anywhere around you. In many places we won’t see more than a few vehicles an hour. Some route segments are virtually deserted––the whole road feels like it’s ours alone.
Your second biggest safety hazard will be the degree of difficulty of the roads themselves. They are highly technical, tight, steep, narrow, and winding. Most of our customers have never experienced or even imagined the types and varieties of roads they will encounter on a tour like our Golden Triangle Tour for instance. On extra-tight corners, which also might have a reverse camber and a decreasing radius, sometimes a rider panics, loses their bike and goes down. This can be wholly alleviated by slowing things down and riding fully within your own skill level.

Giant landslide boulder on road.

Giant landslide boulder on road.

Thirdly, surface hazards on the roads are frequently encountered, like dust and dirt in the corners, gravel from rain wash off, moisture from the mountains seeping across the road, cracks and potholes, and assorted other impediments too numerous to mention here (we will discuss this in detail in our pre‑tour meeting).
Despite all this, the motorcycle riding in the Golden Triangle is generally considered the best in the world. We hear this time and again from our customers, many of whom have ridden all across the globe.
Asia has some fine, world-class hospitals, but outside of the major cities they are below Western standards. We don’t want to visit any. Above all else we drive safe and under control at all times. The risks are just not worth it.
Pay attention, keep your eyes open, keep plenty of cushioning space, expect the unexpected, and you will do fine.

These are the tropics. It is hot: humid too. On some A.M.A motorcycle tours during the height of the dry season, day-time temperatures can exceed 90F (32C). Mornings, evenings, and nights, however, are usually cool and pleasant. The heat is absolutely not a problem while we are moving. It is when we stop that one feels it. Shed your jacket ASAP. When standing around, stay in the shade, which is always cool and comfortable. But being the tropics, this weather is what’s responsible for much of the beauty and lushness of our surroundings.

We publish all the above, especially “the bad stuff“, because we want every potential customer informed about all aspects of an ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES tour before they sign up. This way there will be no surprises, misunderstandings, or disappointments after your tour begins. We never want to hear the words, “You didn’t tell us about that”.
Think about this: I do not know of a single biker who was not chomping at the bit for a return drive after their first taste of Asian motorcycle touring. As a mater of fact, we have a high percentage of repeat customers returning on multiple tours.
This might be a good time to read our FAQ section.
We hope one day you will give us the opportunity of riding somewhere in Asia with you.
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