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Off Road Motorcycle Tours The Basics


Down tree off-road
Forest village bridge
2 motorcycles on a bamboo raft
In a little bit of difficulty
Beautiful forest road
Heading up the Salween River
Mountain stream crossing
Deep forest rest stop
Off-road impediment
Enormous tree root system
Charging up a dirt road
Salween River beach
Hilltribe homestay
Wonderful sunset scenery

Off Road motorcycle Tours – The Basics

We offer three exceptional off-road tours.
The first one is The 5-Day Old Elephant Trail Tour.
3 Pagodas Pass is our 2nd Off-Road Tour.
And tour #3 is on Island.
Please click on any above link to read about that tour.

We can organize custom off-road tours of varying length, duration, and intensity. If you want a custom tour for you and your buddies, please contact us with the details.


We are offering 2 different motorcycle tours on Island, the 3rd-largest island in the world. One tour is predominantly an off-road tour; the other is predominantly a road tour

The off-road tour lasts 5-days with a 1-night stay in Mulu National Park. It starts and ends in Bandar Seri Begawan, the tiny capital of tiny Brunei.

The road tour is a 3-week circumnavigation of Island, also starting and ending in Brunei. You ride through Sarawak and Sabah in East Malaysia, as well as all 4 Kalimantan provinces of Indonesian .

Both tours are open only to self-organized groups of 5 or more.
If you are individual rider and want to join one of these tours, please send us an email and we will try to hook you up with a group.

Please contact us if you are interested in either of the above 2 tours.

If for some reason our Old Elephant Trail Tour or the Three Pagodas Pass Tour or does not interest you, there is a near-infinite amount of off-road riding in the Golden Triangle, from easy fire trail-types roads, all the way up to technical and steep single-track for experienced riders.

We can suggest several alternative tours with whatever degree of difficulty or ease you desire and for whatever duration you desire.

It is our experience that 5 continuous days of off-road riding is more than adequate for most normal human beings. Anything longer and you should add a rest day somewhere in the middle.

With a custom off-road tour, you may choose to spend every night in the forest in hilltribe villages for an immersive cultural experience.

Or you might want to pop out of the forest each night and spend it in a fine lodging with fine food in one of the small towns scattered across the Golden Triangle. How about a combination of both? Anything is possible when it is a customized tour.

If you are not sure about your own off-road riding skills, you will be in good hands on our tours because our guide is also the off-road riding instructor for both the Thai police and military. With his guidance, you will surely finish the tour a hell of a lot better rider than you were when you started.

Working out custom tours for private group tours is our specialty.  Please contact us so we can organize a special itinerary just for you.

We have put together a short off-road video of the Perry Group having some off-road fun. Click on this link to watch it.
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