Asian Motorcycle Adventures

Two motorcycles handling a sharp hairpin turn.
Elephant trek in the river.
Sukhothai Park pond.
Death Railway in Kanchanaburi on the River Kwai.
The Death Railway near Kanchanaburi, the home of The Bridge Over The River Kwai.
Beach scene, South Thailand.
Riding along a deserted beach.
The all-white Wat Rong Kuhn.
Adherents wrapping the chedis in Wat Doi Tung in gold cloth.
Shrine to the king's mother.
Naga head.
Giant Buddha behind small Buddha.
Loading a motorcycle onto a boat.
George loading his motorcycle into a local boat for a cruise up the Salween River where he will find great off-road riding.
Cruising up the Salween River.
George enjoying a boat ride.
Border patrol.
Two Thai border patrol soldiers on station in the Salween River valley.
Chris with gibbon.
Chris and gibbon at the Gibbon Rehabilitation project.
Riding through Sukhothai Park.
Pat sitting on a mass of tree roots.
Scene from Sukhothai.
Gigantic teak house.
Massive teak tree trunks support this traditional Thai house.
Paul and Pat with their motorcycles.
Hassam, Vncent and James posing in front of a giant dragon.
Group pose high above the Salween River.
Nick posing with hilltribe girls.
Napping somlor driver.
The exact point of the Golden Triangle.
The exact point of the Golden Triangle.
Anita wearing a funny hat.
Anita with Lahu lady.
Andrew photographing Anita on the Thai-Burma border.
Actual GPS screen shot of a piece of the Mae Hong Son Loop.
GPS screen capture of a piece of the Mae Hong Son Loop.
Reed with heavy machine gun and bullet bandoleer.
Young monks eyeing motorcycle.
Heavily-tattooed monk.
Female monks.
Four young Hmong musicians.
Still for rice whiskey.
Brewing a fresh batch of rice whisky in a home-made still.
Smiling flower vendor.
Casey riding past haystacks.
Karst canyon in Krabi.
Karst mountains with wispy clouds,
Padi field with rainbow,
Karst massif in a valley.
Phayao lake sunset.
Thaton River valley.
Starter rice ready for planting.
Liam threshing rice.
Liam helping the rice harvest along by threshing rice.
Casey in front of ancient chedi.
Reed playing with a baby elephant.
Drew ringing a giant bell.
Vincenzo in front of Phu Sang Waterfall.
Broken-up road,
Cooked offerings in a local market.
Flock of egrets in a tree.
Vachirathan Waterfall.
Road covered with pine needles.
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