Asian Motorcycle Adventures

I’m very happy to write a testimonial to assist others thinking of riding with Asian Motorcycle Adventures. Without exception, my expectations were not only met but generally exceeded.

To begin with, it is difficult to find fault with the fantastic roads. There were a few potholes in places, but generally the roads were expertly engineered, winding, changing in altitude, often with breathtaking scenery. Ideal for having fun on a road bike.

I love Thai food, and was very keen to see what “authentic” local food would be like. Our tour guide, Reed Resnikoff, who is also the owner/operator of ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES, shares my passion for food. Reed made it his business to seek out the best eating establishments all along our tour route. He was even happy to order for the group. It seemed to give him a thrill to share his discoveries with the group and I wasn’t about to complain.

I was also touched by the kindness of the Thai people we met along our route, which I imagine must be a happy by-product of the almost universal practice of Buddhism in Thailand. Also as billed, we had the opportunity most nights to enjoy Thai massage at ridiculously cheap prices.

We visited our share of Buddhist landmarks and other landmarks that one may expect on a regional tour of this nature. In addition and perhaps because of the nimble nature our mode of transport and the small size of the group, we were able to be a little more spontaneous with where we chose to hop off our bikes. One of my favorite memories is of making an impromptu visit to a Hmong Hill Tribe visit. While others chose to take the time to explore off-road mountain trails, I was invited along with Reed to visit the head-man’s house, there to be treated to lunch grown and caught nearby. Fish caught by bamboo fishing pole in a nearby stream, bitter melon and mountain rice grown by villagers. How generous these people were! It is a precious memory that money cannot buy. There were other vignettes like this all throughout the tour.

I found Reed to be patient, helpful and kind. He was quick to step in to help out where language or cultural advice was appropriate or required. The tour was ably supported by a van driven by an accredited Thai tour guide and there was a mechanic riding “shotgun”. My only disappointment on the tour was that the XR250 assigned for me to ride developed mechanical problems along the way and I had to ride in the van for the rest of that day. Overnight, the support van drove back to Chiang Mai to pick up a replacement to have ready for me to resume riding by the morning. Talk about service! And this inconvenience was forgotten when Reed allowed me to ride his BMW F800GS on the first leg of the legendary “Mae Hong Song Loop”.

In all, I have zero qualms in recommending Asian Motorcycle Adventures to anyone seeking great riding in an exotic location.  You will enjoy great roads, great food, warm company and some amazing experiences along the way.

Please feel free to contact me if you desire additional information.

Dave Lyneham;

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