Asian Motorcycle Adventures

To whom it may concern,

My son, Liam & I went on Reed’s Golden Triangle motor bike tour in December 2010.

I am 45 years old and my son is 18 & we have ridden dirt bikes in Australia together for quite a few years.

I have travelled to a lot of amazing places in the world, Europe, Usa, Indonesia, & many beach resorts in Thailand & other parts of Asia.


My inspiration for this type of travel began with Ewen McGregor’s Long way Down documentary. After getting about half way through the series, I started searching the internet for an interesting travel experience to do.

This tour was one of the best things that I have ever done. It was an experience that was completely different to any other that I have done in my life to date.

Most of the tour was completely remote from any form of western tourism or western influence.

The local people were as interested in us as we were in them. They were fascinated at the sight of us and could not have been friendlier. I now know what it feels like to be a celebrity because that was the sort of attention we had in every place that we visited.

The people were a major highlight of this trip.

Reed took us into random rice fields and we met some of the local rice farmers. They allowed us to try harvesting the rice with them. All by hand the same way as it would have been done throughout history.

We went to a Buddhist temple to meet a monk who was there to answer any questions that we had about Buddhism. He blessed us and answered all of our questions. It was great meeting this guy.

We went to a former Drug lord’s military camp near the border of Burma, which was fascinating. This is the place where almost all of the drugs from south East Asia through the Vietnam War era was controlled & distributed through before ending up in America & the rest of the western world. Thanks to the help of the CIA. & The American military.

We stopped on the side of the road & literally played with baby elephants for about an hour or so. They were like big puppies. We could have stayed there for hours. Incredible.

We went through lots of hill tribe villages stopping at some. The villagers invited us into their home & made us tea. They showed us their coffee & other crops and how they live.

Reed’s promise of incredible food was not underestimated at all. I thought that I knew what great Thai food was before this trip but this is the real thing. The best food was quite often from the places you would have least expected.

We walked through a border crossing into Burma for a day. This was well worth doing with heaps of interesting things to see. Lunch in a packed Burmese restaurant where a large plasma television is the main attraction because of the World Championship Wrestling that was on. The locals were so into it. I think they think that it is for real. Although this can’t be missed it was a relief to get back into Thailand.

Two hour Thai massages most nights was great & a perfect way to finish off the day.

The roads are in great condition and wind through some of the most amazing countryside that you could imagine. The scenery is awesome.

The bikes are KLX 250 which is the largest bikes that are available in Thailand due to government restrictions. Although these bikes are a lot less powerful than the KTM 450s that we ride at home, it was not an issue. For us the bike riding was a secondary part of the adventure but was still a great way to see the country.

Although communication was difficult for Liam & I with the local people: Reed speaks enough Thai so that aspect was never an issue. Reed & his offsider, Lek went out of their way to show us a good time and they did.

The people throughout this region are totally unspoilt by tourism and western culture. This is the experience that I was looking for & more. It was even better to have been able to do this with my son.

Darren Mountain,

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