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Terms & Conditions – Indemnity & Release Form


This is the fine print section, but very important. Please take time to read this TERMS and CONDITIONS – INDEMNITY and RELEASE form carefully to prevent any possible misunderstandings later on during your motorcycle tour.
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Company name and address:
50 Moo 6
Tambon Huaysai, Amphur Sankamphaeng
Chiang Mai, 50130, Thailand
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The following items are included in our tour packages: motorcycle, petrol, tolls, entrance fees, single-occupancy hotel lodgings, three family-style meals per day (exception: no lunches on rest days), and mealtime non-alcoholic beverages.

Hotel lodgings commence the night before departure, all tour nights thereafter, plus the last night of the motorcycle tour when we return to our final destination.

(EXCEPTIONS: On all 5-DAY TOURS plus the OLD ELEPHANT TRAIL TOUR, accommodations the night of our return to Chiang Mai are not included.

Pillion passengers are assumed to be sharing a room with their rider.  If a pillion passenger wants their own hotel room, please contact A.M.A for the single-occupancy surcharge.
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Motorcycle tour packages do not includeairfare, alcohol beverages, snacks, non-meal-time beverages and refreshments, rest-day activities not specifically mentioned in the tour itinerary, items of a personal nature, passport and visa fees, fines, gratuities, laundry, phone/fax calls, personal insurance, optional tours and sightseeing excursions.

Your tour package also does not include anything not specifically mentioned in the  “Motorcycle Tour Package includes…” section.
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Your motorcycle tour reservation and application can be made over the internet, by email, phone, or mail.  All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.  Your spot on an A.M.A selected motorcycle tour will be reserved upon A.M.A’s receipt of a 20% deposit along with your application form plus all [tooltips text=”Requested documents are: (1) scanned copy of passport (2) scanned copy of motorcycle license from your country of residence (3) scanned copy of international drivers license endorsed for motorcycles.”]requested documents[/tooltips].  Your tour application will not be considered without an accompanying deposit and without all requested documents.

Accepted payment methods are: on-line credit/debit card payment or T.T. (bank transfer).  Personal checks are not accepted.

Deposits are fully applied to your final tour cost.  If, while sending in a motorcycle tour application along with a deposit, your selected motorcycle tour becomes fully booked, your motorcycle tour deposit will be promptly refunded.  Your booking is considered final and binding on issuance of A.M.A’s motorcycle tour confirmation.
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Tour balance must be paid 60 days prior to departure. A.M.A reserves the right to cancel reservations not paid in full by the due date.  If you sign up for a tour less than 60 days prior to departure, the initial payment must be made in full and A.M.A must receive all the requested documents before giving you confirmation.
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Our cancellation and refund policy is not meant to be punitive in nature, but reflects that once you sign up for a tour and are accepted, A.M.A makes certain advance payments and expenditures on your behalf that are not recoverable.  When cancellation notice is short, A.M.A will have lost any possibility of replacing your spot with another customer.  We do understand there are unavoidable reasons for last-minute trip cancellations, so please take out trip cancellation insurance on you own accord to cover this situation.


  • If your notice of cancellation is received more than 60 days before your departure date a full refund will be made.

  • If notice of cancellation is received between 60-30 days prior to departure, a 65% refund will be made.

  • If notice of cancellation is received between 30-15 days prior to departure, a 35% refund will be made.

  • If notice of cancellation is received between 15-0 days prior to departure, no refund can be made because all trip expense have been pre-paid by this time, and A.M.A has lost any reasonable chance of replacing your spot on the motorcycle tour.

  • If you have to cancel your tour and if A.M.A can replace your spot on a motorcycle tour, and if that motorcycle tour leaves fully booked (7 motorcycles), we will refund your total deposit and payment.

  • If you cannot partake in your tour but you provide A.M.A with a qualified substitute, we will switch your payment to cover your substitute.

  • No refund is possible for no-shows or for unused portions of a motorcycle tour.  Refunds for missing occasional sightseeing excursions or meals, etc., are not granted.

  • All refund payments are subject to any banking fees involved.


If a motorcycle tour has to be cancelled for any reason beyond ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES’ control, including industrial disputes, natural disasters, illness, or force majeure, prior to the motorcycle tour, this agreement becomes invalid.

If the motorcycle tour is cancelled for any reason within ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE’S control prior to departure, a full refund will be paid.

If the motorcycle tour is cancelled for any reason beyond ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE’S control during a motorcycle tour, no refund can be granted.

A.M.A guarantees all motorcycle tour departures.  If you wind up being a sole participant on a motorcycle tour, A.M.A will notify you in advance of this fact.
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There is no insurance coverage for injury to the rider and/or pillion.  It is highly recommended that participants take out additional insurance at home, at their own expense, to cover such things as motorcycle tour and travel cancellation/interruption, personal accident, health and medical, hospitalization, property loss, evacuation, repatriation, etc.
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The motorcycles used on an A.M.A motorcycle tours are all governed by the bylaws of the GENERAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND.  All A.M.A-owned motorcycles are covered by premium, 1st-class  insurance policies.

No other insurance coverage is included or implied.
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The above-mentioned tours do not include insurance coverage of any kind.  For the above-mentioned tours A.M.A customers must self-insure themselves with a pool of contributed funds.  The damage deposit for the above-mentioned tours is USD 1,000.  All the damage deposits from the participants are pooled into a single fund.  Any damage (other than normal wear and tear) to the bike(s) of a participant(s), or claims from the citizenry of the above regions due to accident or negligence on the part of the participant(s) will be paid out from this pool of funds.  At the completion of the above-mentioned tours, all, or the unused portion of this damage pool, is refunded on a per-share basis.

The person who caused the accident or damage, his damage deposit funds will be deducted first.  In case his damage deposit does not cover the costs incurred, the balance of the money will be deducted from the other tour participants on an equal share.

We must insure ourselves on the above-mentioned tours because there simply is not a viable insurance industry in the above-mentioned regions.  Accidents and damages occurring in those regions usually must be settled on the spot.  Without an insurance scheme like the one described above, it just would not be possible, or too foolhardy, to venture into these regions.
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A cash deposit for the damage deductible on the Kawasakis is USD 500, Honda CB500X is USD 750, andUSD 1,500 on BMW motorcycles).  USD or any currency equivalent is accepted as a damage deposit.  The damage deposit must be paid prior to your motorcycle tour departure.  It will be refunded at the completion of the motorcycle tour provided no damage caused by accident or negligence has occurred to the motorcycle.

If damage and repair costs amount to less than your deposit then the difference between the repair cost and the deposit will be refunded.  Repair costs also include the transportation and handling costs, if any,  of an accident-damaged motorcycle to the finishing destination of the motorcycle tour.
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Your motorcycle tour leader, before every tour begins, will give each rider a briefing about local speed limits, signage, and other applicable traffic regulations.

  • It is the rider’s responsibility to adhere to all traffic regulations.  All local road rules must be complied with.

  • Drivers: must be at least 17 years old and hold a current, unrestricted motorcycle license for an unlimited capacity motorcycle from their country of residence and have held it for at least one year.

  • Drivers must have an international driving license endorsed for motorcycles.

  • Helmets are mandatory.

  • Passengers (pillion riders):  Passengers must be at least twelve years old.

  • Drivers and passengers must be aware of traffic, road conditions, weather, and other motorcyclists.

  • Drivers and passengers understand that motorcycling is a dangerous activity and are aware of these risks and fully accepts these risks, and are solely responsible for keeping their motorcycle under control, selecting proper speeds, and adhering to the applicable country’s laws.

  • Drivers are solely responsible for their choice of riding style and speed selection even when following a motorcycle tour guide in convoy formation with other motorcyclists.

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A.M.A is responsible within the framework of the duty and care of a merchant in good standing, for arranging and providing the services listed in the motorcycle tour itineraries and descriptions.  A.M.A reviews its hotels and contractors on a continuing basis.  A.M.A is responsible for conscientious travel preparations.  A.M.A reserves the right to change any part of a motorcycle tour to improve its content or to adapt to changing conditions and situations as they arise.

A.M.A customers must understand that some A.M.A tours go to extremely undeveloped and wild parts of Asia where the most meticulous preparations can easily go awry.  A.M.A is not responsible or liable for any delays or any changes in the schedule to accommodate unplanned events.  A.M.A is not responsible or liable for any accidents and/or bodily injury or death resulting from the use of the motorcycle and drivers and passengers.  A.M.A is not responsible for any acts of God, strikes, or other conditions beyond our control.  A.M.A is not responsible or liable for any personal injury or personal property lost, stolen, or damaged while on a motorcycle tour.
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Each driver and passenger must acknowledge reading, accept, and sign this A.M.A TERMS and CONDITIONS & INDEMNITY and RELEASE FORM before the commencement of your tour.  The participant’s signing of this TERMS & CONDITIONS & INDEMNITY & RELEASE FORM will be the rider’s and passenger’s acceptance of the risks of personal injury, property damage, or any loss associated with motorcycling.

Each rider/passenger rides at his/her own risk and is legally liable for injury or damage to fellow participants or other road users, whether being lead by the motorcycle tour leader or otherwise.  Each rider must ride within his/her own skill level and with due consideration for their own safety and that of their fellow travelers.  Each rider and passenger must follow the directions of the motorcycle tour leader.
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13. The motorcycle tour leader reserves the right to terminate a rider’s or passenger’s motorcycle tour if he considers the rider or passenger is unsafe either to himself/herself or to others, or for offensive behavior, and thereby forfeiting the balance of the motorcycle tour.
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Motorcycle tour prices and associated expenses are calculated based on currency exchange rates and tariffs in effect at the time of publishing this website and tour offerings.  Severe international currency exchange and fluctuations of more than 10% will be adjusted at the final payment and/or at the end of the tour.  In the event that a price increase is necessary because of severe currency fluctuations, you have the right to cancel your tour without any penalty.

Prices on this website are subject to change without notice.
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a. Copy of:  Unexpired and unrestricted motorcycle license from your country of residence.
b. Copy of:  [tooltips text=”An international drivers license is usually fast and easy to obtain. Just contact your country of residence Automobile Association or Motor Vehicle Department and they will instruct you how to get one. You mat even be able to apply for an IDL on line”]International driving license endorsed for motorcycles[/tooltips].
c. Copy of:  Passport.
– Items a. through c. (above) must accompany your reservation form before your application will be considered.
– Items a. through c. must be submitted in separate scans because each document must go to a different government department.
d. TERMS & CONDITIONS / INDEMNITY & RELEASE FORM must be read on-line and accepted.  It also must also be signed in person before the commencement of your tour.
e. ORIGINAL signed TERMS & CONDITIONS / INDEMNITY & RELEASE FORM (this form can be signed during our participant’s briefing in your tour’s departure city).
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Persons leaving or failing to complete a motorcycle tour for any reason must make their own arrangements for transportation, lodging, and motorcycle return to the motorcycle tour’s ending destination, at their own expense, unless prior arrangements with A.M.A have been made.  No refunds can be made if a participant has to cut a tour short or change the routing for any reason.

If for any reason, the participants on a tour request a change in the itinerary or hotel while the tour is in progress, any requested changes are fully at the participant’s expense.  No refunds can be made for any unused portions of the original tour itinerary.
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A.M.A reserves the right to correct printing errors or omissions in this website at any time.  Unaffected portions continue to remain valid as a whole.  Invalidity of individual items in this Agreement does not lead to the invalidity of this entire Agreement.
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Verbal arrangements for the purpose of changing the terms and conditions between you and A.M.A are only valid when confirmed in writing by A.M.A.  The above TERMS & CONDITIONS / INDEMNITY & RELEASE FORM constitute the entire Agreement between the participant and A.M.A.  There are no other conditions, representations, guarantees, etc., than those set herein.
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This agreement between A.M.A and the participants shall be deemed to be made in Thailand and in case of disputes shall be decided in accordance with the law of contract and general laws of Thailand.  The parties herein agree that in case of any dispute they will subject themselves to the Courts of Thailand.  The parties herein agree to be bound by their decisions including all decrees and orders, interim or otherwise.
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A.M.A reserves the right to take photographs and film records on all their tours, and to use any such photographs and film records on their website as well as for promotional, sales, brochures, or any other commercial purposes.  Participants whose images appears in these photographs and film records give A.M.A permission to use these images on their website and for promotional, sales, brochures, or any other commercial purposes.
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GPS recording devices of any sort are not permitted on an ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TOUR.  The specific roads, trails, and routing we take are proprietary information and the basis of our business model.  Under no circumstances will ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES allow the copying and potential dissemination of this information.
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22. ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES has absolutely no connection, relationship, or dealings with the AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION or any other association, club, organization, business, or others too numerous to mention, that happen to have the same common corporate initials as Asian Motorcycle Adventures (A.M.A).
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23: RELEASE OF LIABILITY:  Drivers and passengers, along with all their designated heirs, successors, and assignors, agree to release, indemnify, and hold A.M.A, its agents, contractors and employees harmless from any and all liability or claims directly or indirectly related to participation on a ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE motorcycle tour.