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Single Participant Tours

Single Participant Tours


A.M.A promotes its tours as group tours.   Occasionally, only a single participant signs up for one of our motorcycle tours or a customer winds up being a sole participant.  Even then, we will still run your selected tour.  We never cancel a tour because of a lack of numbers.

We do realize that some customers may not wish to be a sole participant on a motorcycle tour.  If this situation arises, this is how we handle it:

One month before departure, we will inform you if there is a chance of this happening (we will also notify you of this same situation two weeks before departure).  At these times, we give you the option of cancelling your tour and we will return all your tour payments.

But please understand that sometimes, customers sign up for a tour at the last minute and this could happen on your tour.

And also please understand that some people, due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives, are put into a position where they must cancel their motorcycle tour at the last minute, thus turning you into a sole participant.

But being a sole participant does offer certain advantages compared to a group tour.  First of all, since this is now a private tour, the riding pace is yours alone to choose.  Secondly, all of our attention is focused squarely on you, as we make sure your specific interests are being met.  Thirdly, you alone will be deciding the daily schedule so you can never be late for a departure or a meal.
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Since A.M.A never cancels a tour with a single participant, we must ask your cooperation to allow us to make the following change to this type of tour: our support truck, driver, mechanic, and tour guide stay at home.  This major expense is simply not covered by the revenues generated from a single tour participant.  Besides, a support truck, driver, and mechanic are really not needed on a tour with only two motorcycles (yourself and another motorcycle tour guide).  In this situation, two motorcycles travelling as a pair will be able to travel much quicker and with less delays and waiting around.


If you want, A.M.A will send you contact information of past participants who would be more than happy to share their experiences when they ended up being a single participant.  All were quite satisfied with their “private tour“.


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