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Three Harleys struggling in the Taklamakan Desert
This slide show covers HOG-HONG KONG'S Silk Road motorcycle tour.  We believe this was the first motorcycle tour along the entire length of the Silk Road.  We invite you to read the accompanying magazine article: IF MARCO POLO ROAD A HARLEY.  All photos taken by Hans Kemp.
Straight, flat section of the Silk Road.
The tour started in Langzhou, China and ended in Urumqi, China, not far from the Russian border.  A lot of the SILK ROAD is dead straight, dead flat, and dead empty as depicted in this photo.  The Silk road skirts two deserts, the Gobi and Taklamankin.
Convoy riding past the Flaming Mountains of Turfan.
The Flaming Mountains of Turpan.  Not every photo in this slide show will have a caption.  If a photo does have a caption the image will display for a longer duration.  You can stop a slide from advancing by hovering your cursor over it.
Another view of the Harleys passing through the Flaming Mountains
Another view of the Flaming Mountains.  They glow deep red in late afternoon sunlight.
Motorcycles racing a train to a crossing.
Group photo of HOG-HK at the western end of the Great Wall.
The Great Wall by some measurements is over 5,500 miles in length.  This is a photo of the well-preseved western end of the Great Wall in Jiayuguan
Uighur donkey cart and Harleys.

Uyghers are the main population group throughout the western region of the Great Wall. They are a Turkic ethnic group who practice Islam.

Reed posong with an old Chinese man.
Convoy passing a work crew all eating ice pops.
We garnered a lot of attention wherever we went.  Few people along this route ever saw a Harely, or even a real-live Westerner for that matter.
Pete Small engulfed by a crowd of locals.
Pete Small surrounded by a crowd of curious Uyghers.
Camel in front of pagoda.
Harley stuck in the sand.
Convoy riding in a mountainous section of the Silk Road.
Young boys admiring a Harley.
A line of bicyclists watching the stopped convoy.
Convoy riding along the Silk Road.
Uighur man in front of a mosque.
Two Harleys at rest with the Tian Shan Mountains in the background.
The Tian Shan mountains in the background are permanently snow-capped, amazing because they are surrounded by desert.
LIne of Harleys. Line of interested locals.
Harley in front of an old section of the Great Wall.
One of the oldest sections of the Great Wall.  In many places the Great Wall has completely eroded away because it was made of rammed-earth, not bricks.
Harleys riding through a high mountain meadow.
Hotel staff welcoming the Harley convoy.
Hotel staff in Turpan welcoming our convoy.
Harley following a truck full of soldiers.
Two full-dress soldiers in a crowd.
Interested Uighers watching a biker organize his gear.
Whenever we stopped, within seconds we were inundated by curious locals.
Uighers standing behind a yellow Harley.
Jon Martin pausing in front of a road crew.
Harley traversing a rocky piece of Silk Road.
Chinese motorcycle with side car.
The western end of the Great Wall.
The western end of the Great Wall.
Convoy Group photo in a break in the Great Wall.
Group photo in an eroded break in the Great Wall.
Biker posing in front of a tile mural.
Pete Small reading Marco Polo's The Travels.
Pete Small reading The Travles by Marco Polo, the book that was the inspiration for the accompanying magazine article.
Convoy strung out along the Silk Road.
Fancy boot.
Jon Martin smoking a cigar wearing a Chinese military hat.
Army group photo at a gate in the Great Wall.
Group photo of all the participants on HOG-HK's Silk Road motorcycle tour.
Group photo of all the participants of this epic motorcycle tour.  THE END.
The End slide


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