Asian Motorcycle Adventures

Private Tour Groups

Our motorcycle tour offerings and touring schedule are extensive.  But perhaps no tour on our website suits you 100%?  If this is the case, arranging and organizing private tours and custom tours is one of our specialties.

  • Almost all our tours are luxury tours and prices are all-inclusive. But if you are a private group consisting of 5 or more riders and all of you are willing to share rooms and/or stay in more modest lodging facilities and pick up some other daily expenses expenses, we can price our tours at a substantially lower price. Please email us for details about our budget tours.
  • Perhaps your lifestyle requires an extra layer of security and you would prefer a 100% private tour.
  • Maybe your available time does not fit into one of our regularly-scheduled 5-day or 10-day tour departures and so you require a custom departure date?
  • Maybe you want an extra-long tour but cannot spare enough time for one of our four-week extended tours?
  • Maybe you want to partake in specific activities on your tour (i.e., bird watching, cooking classes, yoga, nature walks, scuba diving, etc.) that our regular tours do not include?
  • Maybe you are a bunch of good buddies who want your own private tour to share just among yourselves?  (We also offer a 5% discount to groups of four or more riders who sign up together.)
  • Maybe you want to create your own itinerary entirely?  See specific things?  Ride through a lot of different countries? Visit specific places not frequented on one of our other tours? Maybe you want to undertake an extended expedition throughout Asia over a long period of time but with an escort that knows the entire region intimately and will take care of all your needs with the highest degree of personal service and professionalism?

All this is possible with ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES.

If you are a group of motorcyclists who travel together to a different destination very year, why not give Asia and ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES a try?  Isn’t it about time you discover the unique charms of Thailand and Asia for yourself?