Asian Motorcycle Adventures

Our Motorcycle Fleet

5 motorcycles at the old KMT HQ

ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES owns a large company-owned motorcycle fleet of  30 machines.

We avoid using rental motorcycles because of their unknown history and reliability.



Our Fleet as of Feb 2017

11 low-mileage  Kawasaki KLX 250s

6 late model Honda CB500Xs.

4 late model Kawasaki Versys 650s. We automatically assign the Versys to pillion-riding couples.

1 late model Kawasaki Versys 1000.

2 late model BMW F800GSs for larger, taller folk with pilions.

2 late model low km Harley 883 Sportsters.

Subject to availability, the BMW’s can be taken out on our tours by solo riders at a surcharge. The BMW’s come equipped with a full luggage system and BMW tank bag. Whoever rides the BMW can attest to its excellence.

Most touring motorcycles, whether used on one of our tours or for a rental come equipped with:

– Hard-sided side panniers and rear top boxes.
– Tank bags in various sizes.
– Cigarette lighter 9v DC plug with usb outlet for electronic devices and charging.
– Ram mount for GPS devices and smart phones.
– Crash guards protect body panels and engine.
– Hand guards and/or Barkbusters.
– GPS devices are available for custom-designed GPS tours. They come fully loaded with the best roads, restaurants and hotels. Contact us for details about our GPS Tours.

If you come on one of our guided tours you will not need side panniers and rear top box because we have a support truck to carry all your luggage.

THE ETERNAL QUESTION: Which is the best motorcycle for our tours?


It all depends on the tour you signed up for and the type of riding you like to do. And your body stature also has something to do with it.

Obviously we use the Kawasaki KLX 250 for all off-road tours.

For road tours, you can ride either a  Kawasaki Versys 650,  Honda CB500X or a BMW F800GS.
Solo riders on road trips will be on Honda CB500X however for a small surcharge we can put solo riders on a Versys or a BMW.

Even though most riders are much impressed with the overall quality of the roads in Thailand, covering such large distances as our tours do, we eventually hit unsealed road sections and road segments that are under repair or are in the process of being rebuilt. And because of rainy season damage every year there are many landslide areas we have to negotiate.

Top-end performance is simply not a factor over 90% of our routing in the Golden Triangle. Some days we average below 40 kph due to the extreme twistiness and steepness of the roads and we hardly ever climb out of 1st and 2nd gear.

Light weight and maneuverability are the keys to our safety, riding confidence, and full enjoyment of the roads in the Golden Triangle.

And for those riders short of leg, the Kawasaki and the Honda are tall motorcycle. Being able to place your feet flat on the ground may be an issue for some.

The Hondas are robust and comparatively lightweight for a motorcycle although they cannot be considered a true dual-purpose machine they acquit themselves quite well in most conditions.      We can lower the height of the CB500X quite quickly so please ask if you require a lowered bike.

The Kawasaki Versys 650 has a good upright position, extremely agile and very responsive and are ideal for touring with a pillion passenger.  They are also quite a tall bike however we can lower the Versys given advanced notice.

Lowering both the Hondas and Versys enhances their handling as the centre of gravity is reduced with no issues in clearance

The BMWF800GS is amongst the best touring / adventure bike on the road and can hold its own against smaller and more agile bikes on the twisty bits. They are quite tall and do not really suit shorter riders

Selection of your bike bike is determined by your height, weight and skill but the choice is yours.

At your request we can hire in a range of bikes selected from the better fleet hirers at additional cost. We cannot vouch for the maintenance or previous use of those bikes.

Reed’s comments:

For myself, personally, with over one-million kilometres and a quarter of a century of motorcycle touring around Asia under my belt, I prefer riding a lightweight, dual-purpose motorcycle like our Kawasakis. They are so lightweight, manoeuvrable, safe, and fun to drive (as long as I am not loaded down with gear and luggage), that they suit me just fine, and you will always find a smile plastered across my face as I whip around the Golden Triangle twisties.

Paul’s comments:

An adventure and road rider for nearly 45 years on everything from super cruisers to lightweight adventure bikes my choice for road riding in Northern Thailand is the CB500X when solo and when the memsahib (otherwise known as She who must be obeyed) is along for the ride we use the Versys 650.  Having clocked up about 55 000 Kilometres on Versys over the past 2 years I can highly recommend them.

• MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE: You have a choice of 45 liter or 30 liter Givi rear cases. And we also have full sets of hard-sided panniers and top boxes. Most customers decide to forgo the luggage systems altogether because our support vehicle carries everyone’s baggage. Also available are tank bags in various sizes and configurations.

Aluminum luggage systems are available for the BMW’s and Hondas with Givi hard cases on some of the Versys

First-class insurance covers our entire road use motorcycle fleet. We are amongst the few motorcycle tour company in Asia that provides this. Being covered by first-class insurance could make the difference between having a great holiday or having one that could potentially turn into a nightmare.

If you have a lot to lose, you could lose a lot if you are not adequately covered.

Read in more detail about our insurance coverage in the Insurance Section.

An expedition-equipped, go-anywhere, Toyota Hilux 4×4 pick-up accompanies all tours. Some of the equipment installed on this turbocharged, high-performance 3.0 liter diesel is a Warn winch, snorkle, ARB front and rear air-lock differentials, ARB front and rear bumbers, Old Man Emu suspension lift, roll bar, high-intensity spotlights, plus a premium sound system in the cab.

The passenger seat in the 4×4 or minivan is available for customers who want to join one of our tours but do not want (or are unable) to ride a motorcycle or ride pillion. Or, if a pillion rider is in need of a rest or the weather turns bad, they can hop into the support vehicle whenever they want.