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Our Motorcycle Tour Offerings


Summary and Comparison of All Our Motorcycle Tours


Fourteen different motorcycle tours–a real tough choice.  To help you with your tour selection, below is an abbreviated summary and comparison of them all.  You can read each tour’s full itinerary by clicking on its link.

(Note: Not all motorcycle tours are offered every year.)

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The GOLDEN TRIANGLE 10-Day MOTORCYCLE TOUR encompasses the most breathtaking motorcycle riding on any A.M.A trip.  Ninety percent of all our Golden Triangle routes are a biker’s wet dream.  The quantity, quality, and diversity of the roads will astound you.  Wondrous temples, mountaintop villages home to dozens of hilltribe groups.  Fine handicrafts and shopping will keep you constantly occupied.  The weather is cooler than down south, the food is great, yet different from the other regions in Thailand, and Chiang Mai makes for a terrific base.

If your main purpose in coming to this part of the globe is to experience the greatest concentration of motorcycle riding in Asia, perhaps the world, then this is the tour for you.  By far, this is our most popular motorcycle tour.  Also popular with couples.

Read what past participants have to say about the motorcycle riding in the Golden Triangle in our Testimonial section.

Our 5-DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOTORCYCLE TOURS are perfect for busy people with limited time.  We offer three different 5-DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOTORCYCLE TOURS.  They are: Golden Triangle West, Golden Triangle East, & Golden Triangle South.

The framework for the first two 5-DAY GT tours is our 10-DAY Golden Triangle Tour divided down the middlle.  If you bisect the Golden Triangle roughly in half along its north/south axis, it results in a western side and an eastern side.  And this is the territory that these first two 5-DAY Golden Triangle tours cover.

Our third 5-DAY tour, the Golden Triangle South tour, explores the area laying to the south of Chiang Mai.

Since all three of these shorter tours stay in the mountains of the Golden Triangle, you can be rest assured that all the riding is great.  Click on the tour links above to read about their differences and similarities in more detail.

The BEACHES MOTORCYCLE TOUR has the least mileage of any of our 10-DAY Tours that absolutely no one will miss.  This Thailand motorcycle tour is overloaded with sun and fun and exquisite cuisine.  Krabi, Lanta, Koh Samui are all outstanding destinations. Khao Sok National Park where we spend two nights is one of Thailand’s gifts to the world.  Phuket is reason enough alone to come visit Asia.  And our day-visit to Victoria Point, the southernmost point in Burma is always a favorite with our participants.

If your main purpose in coming to Asia is to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing holiday on some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth while exploring this exotic region from the seat of a motorcycle, then you should consider signing up for a BEACHES MOTORCYCLE TOUR.  This is an excellent tour for pillion-riding couples to share.

ANGKOR WAT MOTORCYCLE TOUR.  The antiquities in Angkor make it one of the most amazing places on earth and one of mankind’s’ most mesmerizing creations.  If you choose this tour, you should have a lively interest in history, architecture, and art.  And you should also know how to handle an off-road motorcycle because the ride into Cambodia is over one of the the worst (or best, depending on your point of view) roads on any A.M.A. tour.  But even if you cannot ride off-road, you still should not miss out on our Angkor Wat trip because we can put your motorcycle on the back of our support truck for the ride in from the Thailand border.  Because once we are in Angkor and Siem Reap, the best way by far to visit the antiquities is by motorcycle.  If I live to be 100, I’ll still never be able to take in all of Angkor.  Ask anyone who has ever visited Angkor.  It has to be seen to believed.
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The ALL-THAILAND GRAND TOUR is an extended motorcycle tour lasting 28 days with over 5,000 kilometers of riding.  You will see just about all of Thailand on this trip.  The ALL-THAILAND GRAND TOUR starts down south in Phuket and finishes up in the northern city of Chiang Mai.  The featured activity on this tour is SCUBA DIVING.  Included in the tour price are scuba diving instruction leading to certification by the end of the tour, or if you are already certified, then 10 dives on 5 different days are included.  This motorcycle tour is actually a combination of two of our tours, our GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOTORCYCLE TOUR and our BEACHES MOTORCYCLE TOUR with a lot more thrown in.  Even though we cover so much territory, the pace never feels rushed because we have eight 2-night stays built in.  If you have a month to spare, there is no better way to spend it than on this ALL-THAILAND GRAND TOUR.


Our 28-DAY THAILAND-CAMBODIA MOTORCYCLE TOUR EXPEDITION combines the best of our Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour together with our Cambodia – Angkor Wat Tour plus, plus, plus!  On this tour, you will experience the fantastic motorcycle roads and tourist-friendly amenities of northern Thailand together with high-octane motorcycle adventure found in abundance in Cambodia.  The terrain is both rugged and wild, and on the Cambodia segment we will be doing some hard driving and rough living.  Off-road motorcycle skills is a must on this tour.

The highlight of this tour has to be the five days we spend roaming around the ruins of Angkor, simply the most amazing place on Earth.  Angkor has to be seen to be believed.


The TRANS-BORNEO MOTORCYCLE EXPEDITION is just what it says it is–an expedition.  Expect the unexpected on this four-week tour as we do battle with the conditions every day, trying to make it to our intended destination every night.  The challenges are great, but so is the reward of completing a journey and seeing a region and ecosystem that few people ever witness.  All is not hardship though, as the last third of this tour is quite posh.  In Sarawak, Brunei, and Sabah we get to act like normal tourists after more than two straight weeks of jungle bashing on our motorcycles.


THAILAND–MALAYSIA COMBINATION TOUR.  This the last of our extended, four week tours.  Signing up for this tour will allow you to visit two Asian nations in a single visit.  This tour is similar to our ALL- THAILAND GRAND TOUR, but it starts further south in Kuala Lumpur.

These two neighboring countries could not be more different from each other.  We’ll let you form your own comparisons about them.  This tour starts in Kuala Lumpur and ends in Chiang Mai.


If you need help rationalizing spending this amount of money on yourself for one of our extended motorcycle tours, think about it this way: if your wife or better half can go out and blow thousands of dollars on a designer dress she’ll wear maybe twice, plus thousands more on matching shoes and handbag, don’t you at least deserve to treat yourself to a one-month holiday that you will cherish for a lifetime?

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The LAOS MOTORCYCLE TOUR is A.M.A’s most fascinating trip.  Only open to riders with off-road experience, and you must be in decent physical condition as well.  Our off-road motorcycles transport us into mankind’s past, visiting people living a lifestyle millennia old.  This tour is the essence of adventure travel.  Stimulating and exotic.  Superlative trail riding and scenery for those who relish getting off the beaten track.

The PENINSULAR MALAYSIA MOTORCYCLE TOUR offers the best road conditions and highest mileage on any of our standard 10-day motorcycle tours.  Three of the roads are absolutely superb motorcycling segments.  Malaysia, overall, is more developed than Thailand and the prevailaing comfort level is high. Taman Negara National Park is a special treat as is Pulau Redang.  No roughing it on this trip.  English is widely spoken so social interaction with the locals is easy.

The magnificent 82-kilometer logging trail through primary jungle on the BORNEO – EAST MALAYSIA MOTORCYCLE TOUR is probably the most spectacular and enjoyable road on any A.M.A tour, and we do it twice!  Plus, it takes us for a two-night stay at the award-winning Rain Forest Lodge.  A whole new world, or rather underworld, opens up to us at Mulu National Park with their incredible cave system.  Spending time with the Dyaks and the Rungus ethnic groups is a moving social interchange.  Every stop on this tour is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.  The elevated tour price is due to an extended tour length combined with multi-night visits at two 5-star resorts, and this tour also includes domestic air flights into and out of Mulu National Park.
Now it is time for you to choose!
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