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Motorcycle Touring Articles

License Optional, Insurance Nil

This was one of my earliest motorcycle tour magazine articles. It appeared in Hong Kong in the South China Morning Post Asia Magazine as well as Motoplayer. And it also appeared in Motorcycle Tour & Travel in the U.S.A. This motorcycle tour was directly responsible with my love affair with Thailand, which has subsequently become my country of residence.

Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour magazine article by Ron Newton

Reed grinned and looked at us, the six wide-eyed participants receiving their first orientation on how to ride through villages in Asia and live.
“I call it pig smacking. The same thing applies for chickens, dogs and goats. But if it’s a cow, you better get ready to go down.”
We were silent, pondering a headfirst slide under a cow’s belly. This was going to be a lot more exotic and dangerous than cruising the mountain highways of North America.

Midnight Laos Reverie

This trip took place five years after my initial motorcycle tour foray into Laos, which happened to be the first-one allowed in Laos, ever, and it was every bit as wonderful as the first one. Our turn-around point on this motorcycle tour was the beautiful town of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO Protected World Heritage Site because it is a place with significant historic importance for the human race.

Over The Ancient Khmer Road

This motorcycle tour article has appeared in ASIAN AUTO vol. 26, #2, Dec. 1999, & BACKROADS, Sept. 1999. The Ancient Khmer Road is, right as you read this, getting beat to hell and will not be passable for much longer unless drastic steps are taken, which is unlikely because Cambodia is nigh near bankrupt. So if you want to visit by motorcycle what is probably the most astounding place on Earth?ANGKOR WAT?you better come quick.

Biking Through Burma

Over the last couple of decades, Burma, the country that Western countries love to hate, has not encouraged tourism of any kind, and that of course includes motorcycle tours. I sort of slipped through the cracks in their system when I located an old, beat-up Honda in Yangon and headed solo into the hinterlands to see what I could see. What I found was a country filled with genuinely warm and friendly people and fantastic sightseeing wherever I turned my head. A much-condensed version of this article appeared in May 1997, in the ASIAN WALL STREET JOURNAL, and this longer version will soon be appearing in France’s MOTO JOURNAL.

Warrior Roads – A Rajasthan motorcycle tour

This motorcycle tour is not in Southeast Asia, but it is in Asia, and it was a highly enjoyable and entertaining trip. It was also my first encounter with an Enfield motorcycle, virtually unchanged and currently being manufactured in India from the original 1950’s British specifications.

Dipping My Toe Into

This is a story about my first attempt to circumnavigate the island of Borneo by motorcycle. It wasn’t 100% successful, but I had a great time and it was a most memorable motorcycle tour none-the-less. This motorcycle touring article has appeared in numerous publications, including the Asian Wall Street Journal, August 23, 1996, and BIKE, July 1997. In October 1999, I finally did make it all the way around Borneo, and you can read the TRANS-BORNEO EXPEDITION magazine article reprint by clicking on this link.

Once Around

Several years after my first attempt of riding a motorcycle around Borneo, I was finally able to pull it off. One participant on this motorcycle tour was an Italian, Salvatore Pizzo. He was an excellent motorcycle rider who one year ago, just for fun, tagged along on his motorcycle behind the entire Paris-Dakar Rally without any support or sponsorship of any kind. So for Salvatore, ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES Trans-Borneo Expedition was a piece of cake.

Let Loose In Laos

This is a magazine story reprint about the first-ever motorcycle tour allowed inside Laos, which took place in 1995. At this point in time, no one knew a thing about what to expect or what one would see or encounter after crossing the Mekong River. But that never stopped the old explorers, did it?
Last published: TWO WHEELS, Australia, March ’97.

The Laos Lost City Motorcycle Tour

In December, 2001, on an ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE tour we actually discovered a “Lost City” in the jungles of Laos. This article appeared in the ASIAN WALL STREET JOURNAL on May 3, 2002, and was also published in ACTION ASIA Magazine in their July-August 2002 issue.

If Marco Polo Rode A Harley

The Silk Road is a misnomer because it’s actually a network of roads and they were used for much more then merely the transportation of silk. The Silk Road was used by so many different people for so many different reasons over such a long period of time that to study its traffic is to study the entire history of human civilization.