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Mae Hong Son Loop – Complete Video in HD

Mae Hong Son Loop – Complete Video in HD

Watch a motorcycle ride around the entire Mae Hong Son Loop in high-definition video.

Because of internet upload limits and hosting size limits, this 438 kilometer ride had to be broken into 9 segments.

Each VDO segment has been clearly named to show its starting and ending point.

The ride starts in Mae Malai, goes counterclockwise, and ends in Hot. Video segments are listed in the order ridden.

The two boring commercial arteries that run into and out of Chiang Mai, Routes 107 and 108, are not included.

Please click below on whichever Mae Hong Song Loop Video segment you want to watch.

And click here to see the screenshot of the GPS tracks from this ride.

Sit back and enjoy the ride! But believe you me, it is a hell of a lot more fun driving the loop than watching it.

If you want to start at Post 1 and go through the whole loop, click here.