Asian Motorcycle Adventures

Insurance on Your Motorcycle Tour

First-class insurance covers our entire motorcycle fleet.  We are the only motorcycle tour company in Asia that provides this degree of quality coverage.  

Being covered by first-class insurance can make the difference between having a great holiday or having one that could potentially turn into a nightmare.

If you have a lot to lose, you could lose a lot if you are not adequately protected.
NOTE: In China, Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma only 3rd-party insurance is available. 3rd-party insurance only covers damage to 3rd-parties. This may change in the future as the region opens up to more cross-border travel, but this is the situation as it stands now.
Still, in these countries, I would hate to have any type of insurance claim at all.


It is strongly recommended that every participant take out a travel insurance policy before coming on one of our tours.  This policy should cover your personal health whether resulting from an accident or not, medical evacuation, repatriation, trip cancellation or disruption, luggage damage or lose, theft, breakage, etc.

Travel insurance is easy to arrange with a simple call to your insurance broker.

If you want to purchase this insurance separately, we can recommend one particular global insurance company that offers a comprehensive travel insurance plan for our motorcycle tours that include the all important evacuation insurance. Our customers have had good success with:

Liaison Majestic Travel Insurance
(Please note that you are entering into a separate transaction with Liaison Majestic Travel Insurance Corp. All we are doing is recommending a dependable travel insurance company to you that specializes in and covers adventure sports such as motorcycle touring.)

In some of the the above-mentioned regions 3rd-party insurance coverage is all that is available, or no insurance is available at all.

In some of the above-mentioned regions commercial insurance coverage on motor vehicles is either not available or is of such dubious value as to make it worthless in the event of an accident or mishap. On some of our tours into the above-mentioned countries A.M.A customers must self-insure themselves with a pool of contributed funds.  The damage deposit on the Kawasaki KLX 250’s in the above-mentioned regions is USD 1,000.  

All the damage deposits from the participants on tours into region where vehicle insurance is not available are pooled into a single fund.  Any damage to the bike of a participant, or claims from the citizenry will be paid out from this pool of funds.  At the completion of the tour the unused portion (if any) of this damage pool is refunded on a per-share basis.

The person who caused the accident or damage or injury, his damage deposit funds will be deducted first.  In case his damage deposit does not cover the costs, the balance will be deducted from the other tour participants on an equal share.

We must insure ourselves on the above-mentioned tours because there simply is not a viable insurance industry in some regions.  Accidents and damages occurring in these regions usually must be settled on the spot.  Without an insurance scheme like the one described above, it just would not be possible, or too foolhardy, to venture into these areas. You can send us an email asking for further details about this if you are thinking about a tour into one of the above-mentioned areas.