Asian Motorcycle Adventures

How to Sign up, Make a Deposit, & Pay for your Motorcycle Tour or Rental

First of all, please check with us if there is room on your chosen motorcycle tour. We believe in small group sizes for the maximum in personal attentions, and the tour you chose may be full.
A 30% deposit is required to guarantee a place on the tour of your choice.
On an ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES tour we lodge in the finest and most unique resorts available in Thailand and Asia. Many lodgings are small and fill up quickly, especially in the high season. So it is important that you reserve your place on a tour and send us in a deposit as soon as possible so we can guarantee lodgings in our favorite hotels.
Tour prices  include 7% VAT tax.
We accept most credit cards for payment.
We also accept payment by Telegraphic Transfer and Internet transfer
We prefer T.T. payments because you are not paying the 3% credit card fee
If you pay us by credit card a 3% credit card fee must be added to the tour price ,
Read below to learn how to pay for your motorcycle tour.

There are 3 different ways you can send in a deposit and/or pay ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES for your motorcycle tour or rental.



This link will take you to our payment page. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and JCB cards. (We cannot process American Express cards.
Or, you can go to the bottom of any page on this website and click on the credit card icon to begin the cc payment process.)

You will be asked to fill out 2 fields on the payment page.
In the AMOUNT field, please enter the amount of your selected tour deposit, or the amount of your final tour payment, or the price of your motorcycle rental package – in U.S. Dollars.
In the NOTE field, please tell us what you are paying for. This could be a tour deposit payment, or a final tour payment, or a motorcycle rental payment. Also make sure you add your name and the tour you selected with the dates. If you are paying for more than one individual, please add their names to this field.
(If someone else is using their credit card to make a tour payment for yourself, please add your name as well.)
Press the SUBMIT button. The SUBMIT button will take you to Bangkok Bank’s secure credit card payment page where the actual credit card processing begins.

On this page you must enter your Card Number, Expiry Date, Name as shown on card, and other credit card information necessary to process your payment.

Once all the required credit card information is entered, press Bangkok Bank’s SUBMIT button. Your credit card payment will then be processed.

Some banks,  Australian, in particular do not like sending money to banks in Thailand. Maybe this is a security device for your protection.  If you have difficulties we can provide an Australian or UK Bank account.

Many Australians find their first attempt at making a credit card transaction to us will be declared UNSUCCESSFUL. If this happens to you, you must contact your bank and tell them personally to authorize a credit card payment to ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES Co. Ltd. in Thailand. Once you do this the second cc payment attempt is usually successful.


The second way you can pay for your motorcycle tour deposit or balance or rental, and save 3% on the tour price as well, is by T.T. / telegraphic transfer, also known as an interbank transfer.

By choosing to pay us by TT we pass on the credit card fee savings to you.

Using this method, you go to your home bank and ask them to transfer money from your account into ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES Co. Ltd. Thailand bank account.

If you want to use this method of payment, please email us for detailed T.T. payment instructions.


If you decide to sign up for one of our tours or reserve a rental far in advance, you can pay by personal check as long as we receive the check at least 90-days prior to departure. Foreign checks need a lot of time to clear in Thailand and this is why we need your check so far in advance.