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Group tours not to your liking?
Confident enough to brave the Golden Triangle on your own?

 Motorcycle fitted with 2 for a GPS Motorcycle Tour
If you answer yes to both questions, we suggest you look into our GPS Tour.

On our GPS Tour we send you out on one of our motorcycles with a handlebar mounted GPS loaded with the absolute best roads in Thailand. You could never, ever find a better collections of roads on your own.

But it doesn’t end here. We also make reservations for you in our favorite lodgings and tell you where to stop for lunch, snacks, and dinner and even what to order – you could never, ever find lodgings and food like this on your own.

Touring through the Golden Triangle has never been easier or more trouble-free.

Every GPS Tour is custom-designed just for you.


Every GPS Tours is 100% custom designed for you according to your preferences. Before you book your tour you…..

– Tell us how many days you want to ride for.
– Tell us how many hours you want to ride each day.
– Tell us about your riding ability and experience level.
– And you tell us of any special interests you may have or what you may want to learn more about or partake in, such as Buddhism, massage, photography, shopping, cooking, etc.
Your GPS Tour can include all sorts of potential side activities because the truth of the matter is on a Golden Triangle motorcycle tour you will have just as much fun off your bike as on it.

But if you’re only interested in riding, riding that is probably the best in the world, that is all we will program for you. You can go ahead and ride yourself silly.
Armed with the information you give us, we design a custom tour especially for you. This customization is done before you arrive and is based solely on your feedback.

This is by far the easiest way to travel around the Golden Triangle.
Our GPS Tour takes all the guesswork out of planning a trip into an unknown and foreign country. There is no chance of missing anything of importance. There is no chance of spending a night in a dump.

All you do is concentrate on having a great time.

Our GPS tour will lead you onto the greatest roads in Thailand.
Our GPS Tour saves you hunting around each night for a hotel room and a place to eat.
And for sure eating is one of the main highlights of any visit to Thailand. Why waste even a single mouthful on substandard fare? Thai cuisine is justifiably world famous and if you follow our suggestions you will consume the best of the best of the best!
We will even tell you how to order your food (spicy -not spicy – vegetarian – halal).
Motorcycle with GPS overlooking Yangtze River

Your Motorcycle (plus upgrades)


When you book a GPS Tour, your bike will be waiting for you in Chiang Mai.

Your bike will be fully equipped for long distance cruising with Side panniers and top Boxes, additonal tool kit, various Ram mounts for your electronics, spare parts, inner tubes, drybag, and bungees. If you come on short notice, we even have riding apparel to lend you.

The Honda CB500X is the ideal bike for our roads,where lightness and maneuverability are more important than top end speed . The roads are so tight and twisty up here that larger more powerful bikes do not perform much better than the Hondas

Note: Our choice of the Honda has been endorsed by our recent guests who all state that they are great bikes more than up to the task. However you may opt for the slightly cheaper Kawasaki KLX250 wich are not fitted for side boxes.

The Honda does have one minor drawback – it is a bit underpowered for pillion riders.
If you are coming with a pillion passenger, you can upgrade to a Kawasaki Versys 650 or a BMW F800GS. Both models have full pannier systems, auxiliary lights, and 12V accessory outlets for your personal electronics.

– All motorcycles are company-owned and in perfect running order.

– All motorcycles are covered with premium insurance policies for your protection. If you have a lot to lose you can lose a lot if you are not adequately protected.
(ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES is the only motorcycle touring company in Asia that provides 1st class insurance coverage.)

Other Key Features of Our GPS Tours


The roads we recommend are all viewable on our website as HD video segments so you can make the decision if you think they are too tough or too easy. (INSERT GPS TRACK JPG + VDO LINK HERE)
Once you book one of our GPS Tours you will receive by email a comprehensive booklet titled – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RIDING A MOTORCYCLE IN THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE.

This document will cover road rules and regulations – local driving habits – weather – riding apparel – Thai etiquette and customs – etc.

We will also send you an in depth health discussion document so you can take appropriate precautions before departure.

And, so you won’t forget a thing, a SUGGESTED PACKING LIST is also included in your pre-tour literature.

Plus we offer emergency assistance if ever you should need it.

Your GPS Will Be Loaded With

– tracks with distances and average riding times.

– hotels: you’ll never have to waste time hunting for a hotel room and you will never be disappointed in your lodging’s ambiance.

– waypoints of all points of interest along your route, such as waterfalls, magnificent temples, elephant camps, etc., etc.

– viewpoints for the best scenery and photo opportunities.

– restaurants with suggested dishes to order with their photos and with their names written in Thai and English.

– snack stops and drink stops.

– crafts, markets, and souvenir shopping.


Kawasaki KLX250 with unlimited mileage, USD 40/day.

Honda CB500X with unlimited mileage, fully equipped for touring.
USD 50/day.

Kawasaki Versys 650 with unlimited mileage, fully equipped for touring.
USD 60/day.

BMW F800GS with unlimited mileage, fully equipped for touring.
USD 75 /day.

Cash deposit for mc is required. Deposit can be put on credit card.

Cash deposit for GPS is required. Deposit can be put on credit card.

Your passport will be held as additional security.
Why do we hold your passport? This ensures that return the bike, Unfortunately, hire companies have been caught out when a bike is extensively damaged the person hiring it has skipped the country. You can opt to provide a full value deposit and retain your passport.

With prior arrangements our motorcycles can be taken out of Thailand.
Contact us for details.


If you are serious about a motorcycle tour in Asia, you should be serious about which motorcycle tour company you choose.

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