Asian Motorcycle Adventures

Future Motorcycle Tour Destinations


There are so many places to visit, so much to see, so much to experience, that even after 25 years of touring around this vast continent, we here at ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES have hardly begun to scratch the surface.  New motorcycle tours into exotic and mysterious lands are always being explored.

Every year, ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES adds new destinations to our motorcycle touring schedule, most of which are of the “first-time ever offered” variety.
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Looking into the future, A.M.A is planning on offering motorcycle tours into the following countries and regions: SULAWESI, SUMATRA, SRI LANKA, and MONGOLIA.
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We never want motorcyclists to get bored or outgrow ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES.  Because we offer so many different destinations, we get a lot of repeat customers.  For this loyalty, ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES rewards them with a [tooltips text=”For motorcyclists who enjoy our tours enough to decide to ride with us again, we offer them a 5% discount on their second tour.
If you decide to ride with us a third time, we discount that tour by 10%.
Take off an additional 10% on every tour thereafter.”]FREQUENT RIDER PROGRAM[/tooltips] that gives discounts on subsequent motorcycle trips with us.

Our goal is to constantly offer bikers new and exciting motorcycle touring destinations across the Asian continent.

Come ride with us when we enter new realms for the very first time.

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