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Ride to Mt. Everest Base Camp


This ride is not a guided tour. It is aimed at pre-formed groups and wealthy individual riders who wish to ride from Thailand to the Everest Base Camp (Tibet side).

What Asian Motorcycle Adventures is doing is arranging for and paying on your behalf all the dozens of permissions, documentations, and fees required to ride a motorcycle from Thailand, through Laos, into China and Tibet, ending up in Kathmandu, Nepal.


We can now arrange, for private groups or even individual riders, the dozens of necessary permissions and documentation you will need to ride from Thailand all the way to the Mt. Everest base camp.

You can forget about all the hassles and red tape of trying to get these permissions on your own, or worse yet, failing to obtain a single document that will grind your trip to a halt. Let Asian Motorcycle Adventures handle all the paperwork and payments for you. Then all you will need to do is ride your bike because everything down to the smallest detail will have been prearranged.

Everest Base Camp route

Everest Base Camp route

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These are the costs (all in USD):

For all permissions and documentation for riding a motorcycle from the Lao/China border through China and Tibet, ending up in Kathmandu, Nepal.
These permissions and documentations are for one way only. Once you are in Kathmandu, you are free to travel wherever you like (as long as it is not back into Tibet and China), or ship your motorcycle to wherever you want.

Costs for group permissions and documentation is $11,000 – one way only – doesn’t matter how many motorcycles.

If 11 people are in your group you can split this $11,000 cost among 11 riders.
If 5 people are in your group you can split this cost among 5 riders.
If you are riding on your own, all this expense is yours alone.

The trip will start in Chiang Khong, Thailand, which is a northern border town with Laos on the Mekong River.
The Lao costs are not part of this Everest Base Camp Ride quotation. But the Lao costs are reasonable and relatively minor.

(If you want to ride back to Thailand from the Everest Base Camp, this must be written up as an entirely new group tour and approximately the exact same costs apply in reverse.)

All visas, entrance fees, and other assorted expenses are at your own expense and effort.
We will supply you with all the necessary documents you will need to obtain a China and Tibet visa.
Lao visas are easy and all paperwork and documentation can be done at the border crossing.

There is an additional charge of $1,000 per rider for all necessary permissions, documentations, insurances, bonds, etc. to bring in and ride your motorcycle inside China and Tibet.

All other costs and expenses not specifically mentioned on this web page are at the expense and the responsibility of the group and/or individual riders.

We estimate air transport for a motorcycle from Kathmandu back to Thailand at approx. $1000.

This trip will take around 23 days. Two rest days are built into the itinerary.

While in China and Tibet everyone must ride together and stay together as a group.

An English-speaking guide experienced with running motorcycle tours will accompany you the entire way. The $11,000 group tour cost covers the guide’s FFL (food, fuel, and lodging).

An optional support vehicle is available for this trip at the cost of $5,500.

We estimate FFL costs per participant will average $100/day. This is for upscale lodging (when and where available) and for single occupancy.
If 2 persons share a room and are willing to stay in lesser quality lodgings, we estimate FFL will average around $50 per day per person.

The group will have to decide in advance upon what quality of lodging they want.
Choices in some locations are limited. In other places, the choices are large.
But certain features must be adequately covered and available, such as location, personal amenities, security, parking, etc. These parameters will be part of the determining factors in our lodging selections.

We need a minimum of 3 months to arrange all permissions and documentations.
Full payment must be made at this time.

We require a 20% down payment four months in advance to start the ball rolling.

No refunds are possible because we immediately must start paying the Chinese authorities to initiate the paperwork.

Obviously the best and only months to do this ride are the summer months.

ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES is merely acting as an agent on your group’s behalf in paying for and obtaining all the documentation and permissions you will need for this Everest Base Camp ride.
This is not an organized guided tour for individual customers.

If you are an individual rider who would like to do this ride, we will put your name on a mailing list and put everyone on that list in contact with each other so they all can figure out their own dates and arrangements. AMA will not actively look to organize groups of riders.

This offering is geared primarily for pre-formed groups of motorcyclists who want to ride to the Everest Base Camp.

We feel the best motorcycle to take on this ride is a mid-size dual purpose bike, something in the 500-800 cc class.

This is our opinion only. You can bring and ride whatever you want.

Asian Motorcycle Adventures will rent out their motorcycles if special circumstances are met.

Please send us an email if you are interested in riding to the Mt. Everest Base Camp.