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When you are serious about a motorcycle tour in Asia, you should be serious about which motorcycle tour company you choose.

We do not compete on price; we compete only on quality and service, and there we have no competition.

Select motorcycle tours below to find out its tour dates and rates.

Please note the following:


Note #1: Not all motorcycle tours are offered every year.

Note #2: Tour prices  include 7%  Value Added Tax (VAT) tax. 

We do not keep this money; we only collect it and hand it over to the Thailand Revenue Department.

Note #3: Our prefered method of payment is Telegraphic transfer or internet transfer. We accept most credit cards for payment. but we must pass  the 3% fee our bank charges to you.  

To find out how to pay us by TT, please email us.

Note about S.E. Asia’s Rainy Season

We want all our customers aware of every aspect of an Asian motorcycle tour so there will be no disappointments or misunderstandings afterwards, thus this note about S.E. Asia’s rainy season:

Please be aware that Southeast Asia’s rainy season usually starts sometime in May and extends through the end of September.

If you decide to come on a tour during the rainy season, rain will most probably impact your riding to some degree.

Off-road tours, for the same reason, are only offered from November through the 1st-half of April, because the trails get too muddy and slippery to ride on.

If you do get rained on, at least you will not be cold, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Rains in S.E. Asia are sporadic in nature but usually fall in the late afternoons and are usually not long in duration. We can go days without rain, or we can hit rain several days in a row. Impossible to predict. A.M.A normally does not schedule any Southeast Asian or Golden Triangle motorcycle tours during this period. But now that you are made aware of this and you still want to go out on a motorcycle tour, we will take you upon request.

During the rainy season A.M.A schedules mostly long-distance expeditions to places like China, Mongolia, Eastern Russia, and even Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet. These destinations take us out of S.E. Asia’s climatic zone entirely and then we proceed riding in summery and predominantly dry weather.


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(7% VAT Tax is included  in our prices .)






Chinese New Year Tour

Upcoming Chinese New Year Dates (for your planning):
2018: February 16, Friday.

China Motorcycle Tours

The Chiang Mai to Vladivostok Russia tour is a 5-week motorcycle expedition, travelling through Laos, China, and Mongolia. August 3 to Sept. 6, 2015. Approximate distance: 9,000 + kms.
2015 is fully booked.
2016 some spots still available, so please sign up early if you want to participate.

Beaches Motorcycle Tour – South Thailand 10-Day Motorcycle Tour

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Motorcycle Tour – 11-Days

Laos Motorcycle Tour – 10-Days

Burma Motorcycle Tour – 16-Days

Gourmet Motorcycle Tour – 10-Days

Everest Base Camp (This tour postponed at least 2 years (2017) due to recent earthquake damage.)