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Chiang Mai to Vladivostok Motorcycle Tour 35-Days – 12,000 kms. – August 1 to Sept. 4, 2018
Possibly the most amazing motorcycle tour ever! The Chiang Mai to Vladivostok Motorcycle Tour 35 days 12,000 Km August 1 to 4 Sept 2018.

Because of the  success of our 2017 tour ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES is planning our 2018 motorcycle expedition from Chiang Mai, Thailand, to Vladivostok, Russia.

On this route we will travel through Laos, China, and Mongolia and western Russia visiting no less than 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Several 2-night stops built into the itinerary thereby reducing fatigue  and we are also reserving extra rest days/to use as we see fit in the areas that interest us.

Two nights, at the least, we will spend in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. where great insights and traditional Mongolian culture can be observed.   .

CM to Vladivostok Google Earth Map

CM to Vladivostok Google Earth Map


















Honda CB 500X are standard rides and those who have a pillion passenger will be upgraded to Kavwasaki Versys 650 with our compliments.

Kawasaki Versys 1000,  Kawasaki Versys 650, Harley Ddavidson Sportsters and BMW F800GS are available for solo riders for a reasonable daily surcharge.

For those who wish to bring their own bikes the  daily rate for the Honda CB500X will be deducted from the price (35 USD per day or 1 400 USD for the trip)

Broad outline of the trip

Travel from Chiang Mai to the Loa Border and overnighting in Huay Xia and if time permits we will continue on to Luang Namptha.

Crossing into China at Botem we travel to Mengla where our bikes will be tested temporary licences and drivers permits issued and the adventure starts in earnest.

Travelling  north west up onto the Tibetan Plateau through spectacular gorges including the world famous Tiger Leaping Gorge and experience a traditional Tibetan home stay.

Along with the spectacular scenery there are also some wonderful motorcycle roads and some stretches of super highway with little traffic by western standards.

Visit places such as the famous Shangri La, crossing over 4,800 metre (15 750 ft) ranges and view the snow clad Himalaya mountains.  See the spectacular Terra cotta army.

Travel through the industrial heart land north of   Xi an  and see remnants of the western end of the Great Wall (where very few tourists go.) .   Travel a part of the Gobi desert  in Inner Mongolia before crossing into Mongolia at Erenhot.

In Mongolia, we travel through endless green grassy plains of the Mongolian Steppes and meet with herdsmen tending their Bactrian camels, horses sheep and yaks and enjoy the hospitality in their summer camp.

Visit the spectacular Genghis Khan memorial and overnight in a very comfortable traditional Mongolian Ghur tent.

We travel the short distance from there to Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital where the rest of the day is free to visit the many historical and cultural attractions of the largest city in Mongolia.

We will spend 2 nights in Ulan Bataar before moving on to the northern border crossing between Ulaanbaatar and Russia at Altanbulag.

Crossing into Russia we travel to Lake Baikal and see the biggest body of fresh water said to amount to 25 to 30% of the worlds fresh water.

From Lake Baikal we travel to north west through western Siberia  for the next 9 days travelling through this unique and vast area of forests plains and valleys following the route of the Infamous Gulag Archipelago.

Our final day ride into Vladivostok is a short ride through extensively cultivated plains country at low altitude and we reach our final hotel after travelling around 12 000 Km (7 500 miles)

If you have extra time during the Northern summer of 2018 and are interested in this trip, please send us an email. We will keep you updated on all aspects of this expedition.

To call this expedition the motorcycle tour of a lifetime is a tremendous understatement.

Participation fee: 14 000 USD.

The participation fee includes all documentation, ground handler fees, fully equipped support vehicle, entrance fees fuel, food, and lodging

For more information about the adventure contact