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Hi! This is where you can follow our 5-country – Thailand, Laos, China, Mongolia, and Russia – 37-Day, 10,000 km. motorcycle expedition.
Depart Chiang Mai: August 1. Arrive Vladivostok: September 6.

Greetings from the Golden Triangle where we are now deep into the rainy season. This year, however, isn’t all that rainy, and sporadic water shortages are being reported around Thailand. There’s still plenty of time left, however, for the country to get hammered by a deluge of Biblical proportions that will fill up the reservoirs and save the souls of the poor rice farmers who otherwise would be in deep trouble.

Anyway, the way we stay dry during the rainy season is by moving our operation northwards into China, which is in a completely different climatic zone, and there the weather is fine and summery.

This summer we are taking this concept to the extreme because we will be riding all the way through China, up into Mongolia and Siberia, before ending up in Vladivostok, Russia, where we finally run out of road when we hit the western rim of the Pacific Ocean.

If all goes well, this expedition will take 37 days and cover more than 10,000 kms.

The official name of this tour is the 1st-Ever Chiang Mai to Vladivostok Motorcycle Expedition, Eight of us, on August 1, will depart on seven motorcycles and one 4×4.

For the first-time ever on a motorcycle tour, I will not be on a bike and instead will be in the 4×4; someone has to drive the truck and there were no volunteers. I am bringing a ton of great music for the sound system and will be concentrating instead on photography and blogging. Hopefully I can share this tour with a lot of people around the world who might find this expedition interesting reading.

An international group comprises this expedition.
As the trip unfolds, I will introduce all the participants in detail.
But in summary, besides myself who hails from good ol’ Brooklyn, USA, we have one other Yank, one Brit, one Thai, one Malay, a Norwegian, and one man whose ancestry is so mixed that, depending on the situation, he can call himself either a Russian or an Israeli or an American, and he can pull out the appropriate passport to prove it.
Also in attendance is one lady from New Zealand whose presence will probably keep the boy’s behavior more-or-less out of the gutter.

I will start writing this blog a few days into the tour when we are inside China at Jinghong, a large commercial port on the Mekong River, and where the riding, scenery, and culture starts getting interesting. Hopefully the blog will commence August 2 or 3 so stay tuned.

The first 2 riding days are comprised mostly of hours waiting at border crossings watching the rubber-stampers scour every scrap of documentation we provide, looking for uncrossed “t’s”, undotted “i’s”, or missing signature and seals. They even get excited over staple marks.

You can follow the blog on our website by saving this link and visiting it everyday: 

A new blog post will appear at this url everyday starting on August 3 with the newest posts in the top position.

I will try my hardest to come up with an entertaining report of every day’s ride. I promise this will not be a Day 1 we did this, Day 2 we did that-sort of blog.

If you know someone who might be interested in following our progress, please share these links with them.

We already are taking reservations for the 2nd CM to Vladivostok Expedition that will commence July 2016. If you are interested in the next expedition, don’t wait too long. And the second time around we will know exactly how to get there.

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Feel free to leave comments & ask questions here.
I hope you all enjoy it.

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