Asian Motorcycle Adventures

A Brief History of Asian Motorcycle Adventures

A Brief History of Asian Motorcycle Adventures


Asian Motorcycle Adventures was founded by Reed Resnikoff an avid motorcycle adventurist and explorer in 1997

The only way for Reed to find out if riding a motorcycle was even possible in these various Southeast Asian countries was to actually hop on his bike (in those days a bullet-proof Suzuki DR 350) and ride to them. If he wasn’t turned back at the border (which hardly ever happened) Reed then rode through these countries for as long as his issued visa was valid for. If it wasn’t enough time, Reed returned for a second trip.
Many of these tours were of the “first-ever” variety; being the first person to ride a motorcycle through; Burma, China —Hong Kong to Shanghai, down the entire length of the Silk Road + the Great Wall (end-to-end), Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Jakarta to Bali, Flores, The Philippines (top-to-bottom),
Wanting to share his adventures with others he became a free-lance writer and photographer, contributing these stories to most of the major motorcycle magazines around the world (copies of which are viewable on this website)

The operation was moved to Chiang Mai from where it has operated since 2000

Reed sold the business to Paul Henley as he no longer felt up to the gruelling program of riding and has stayed on to promote the company.

Paul has been a rider for 46 years and thoroughly enjoys showing the guests around this amazing part of the world
We hope you decide to join one of ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES’ well thought-out luxury tours. For sure it will be an eye-opening experience, one you will never, ever forget.

This website is a huge one, with over 130 pages, 2,200 photos, fifty slides shows, and fifty videos. And it is constantly growing as we complete more tours and venture into new terrains. If you are interested in motorcycling anywhere in Asia, we hope you will spend a bit of time on our website looking at out images and watching our videos. Since a photo is worth 1,000 words, and a video is worth about a million, this would be a good place to start to see what riding a motorcycle around Asia is like.