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Motorcycle Touring Philosophy of A.M.A.

Luxury motorcycle tours across the Asian continent.

All our motorcycle tours are designed to give participants an immersive cultural experience. Please read below to learn about our motorcycle touring philosophy.

ASIA — Continent of mystery. Exotic and mesmerizing.  Home to mankind’s most ancient and unique civilizations.
ASIA — Continent of beauty. Profuse in greenery, shrouded by the world’s oldest rainforests.  Shorelines sprinkled with coral lagoons.  Jungle-encrusted islands offering the finest in holiday amenities.
ASIA — Continent of contrasts.  Its dark interior sheltering indigenous cultures scant steps removed from the Stone Age.  While not far away, modern cities, frenetic with energy, manic with development, soar above the surrounding rice paddies.

It is hard to make generalizations about an area so vast and brimming with humanity as Asia, but here are a couple:

    • Asia has some of the best motorcycle roads in the world.


  • Motorcycle touring in Asia encompasses the most fascinating biking that exists on our planet.
Both statements are mighty big claims, but absolutely true, and ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES wants to show YOU the delights and highlights the Asian region has to offer.

Over the past twenty-five years—that’s a full quarter of a century—the founder of Asian Motorcycle Adventures Reed Resnikoff, has been riding motorcycles around this rapidly changing continent and writing about his journeys for motorcycle magazines and newspapers around the world.  And for the past 20 of those years AMA has been offering guided motorcycle tours throughout the Asian region.Each side road is a temptation, beyond every curve, a surprise. We never cease to be astonished by the ambiance of each Asian country and by the warmth and hospitality of their people.  AMA wants to share with motorcyclists around the globe all that has been discovered and we want you to help us uncover even more enchantments.  The surface here has hardly been scratched. So much more awaits the intrepid traveler smitten with the spirit of adventure.  But come soon before the old ways are lost forever.

The motorcycles we ride are either BMW F800GS, Kawasaki Versys 650, Honda CB500X’s and for off road work we have  Kawasaki KLX 250’s, an enduro-style, motorcycle eminently suited for off-road riding in Southeast Asia and nicely nimble on sealed roads as well.
For pillion riding couples, we provide at no extra charge a BMW F800 GS or Kawasaki Versys650 for your use. BMW’s are also available for solo-riding participants at a surcharge.
This region is filled with so many mountains and so many curves that only infrequently do we hit speeds exceeding 100 kph / 60 mph: maneuverability and durability are our major concerns.  In addition, the road surface conditions vary greatly so sooner rather than later you will be thankful you are riding a machine that can glide over rough terrain.  Our bikes have consistently proven themselves time after time on the toughest roads in the most remote regions in Laos and Cambodia.
A mechanic driving our support vehicle accompanies every motorcycle tour.  He will have your bike warmed-up every morning, oil topped, chain lubed, tire pressure checked, even the dew wiped off your seat, tank, and mirrors.  By not having to worry about your motorcycle’s maintenance, this frees up 100% of your mind to fully enjoy the pleasures surrounding you. And the support truck allows you to ride light and unencumbered by baggage.

Bike convoy meet hunters in Laos.

Bike convoy meet hunters in Laos.

Our bikes await to carry you on fantastic odysseys through Thailand’s GOLDEN TRIANGLE, or to Thailand’s famous Beaches, or you might want to consider China, Laos, Angkor Wat, Burma, Vietnam and as possible motorcycle tour destinations.
Our tours are designed to fit perfectly within the standard two-week holiday: they conveniently commence on a Wednesday allowing participants to finish up their work week before flying to Asia.  This mid-week start also allows one to recover from the effects of jet lag before hopping on a bike, a debilitating malady that no one is immune to. Our tours end on a Friday, giving you just enough time to catch a flight home and sleep off an exhausting but re-energizing holiday.

We believe in small group sizes, averaging around 6 to 8 participants. This allows us to better personalize our attention to every individual and give everyone the immersive cultural experience they are expecting from us. A smaller group size also makes for easier, less stressful riding.

Each participant gets their own hotel room every night for privacy and convenience.  Every lodging choice is the finest available wherever we travel—several are award-winning.
All meals are included in your tour package.  You are probably well aware that the food in Asia is fantastic, a tour highlight for most, and we are constantly on the lookout for new taste sensations to introduce to our participants. Each meal will be a feast as we dine in restaurants acknowledged as the best in each area.  You will have ample opportunities to sample all the local specialties.  In fact, we aim to make it through an entire tour without repeating a single dish.

Two giant guardian temple cinthes in Burma.

Two giant guardian temple cinthes in Burma.

A local expert learned in all things Thai accompanies every tour. His job is to point out all he knows about the region we are visiting.  If you have a particular area of interest or curiosity, whether it be culture, cuisine, architecture, Buddhism, etc., Khun Pae (Mr. Pae) will help you explore it in greater detail.  We strive to stimulate minds as well as stomachs.

Massage is one of the traditional arts practiced extensively throughout Asia and especially in Thailand, and it is ridiculously affordable.  Highly-skilled practitioners are available most evenings to work the kinks out of your muscles.  What could be more therapeutic after a full day in the saddle than a two-hour massage given by a master.  Different massage techniques are offered and many participants wind up sampling all of them.

Because of the amount of personal attention we provide on all our motorcycle tours, along with the quality and quantity of the amenities included, our prices tend to be higher than other motorcycle tour companies operating in Asia.  But a lot of extra value is packed into these higher tour prices..  The only additional expenses worth mentioning that are not included in your tour package are alcoholic beverages, lunches on rest days, items of a personal nature like massage, and visa fees.

We compete on quality and service, not on price, and here we have no competition.

Go right to our NUMBER #1 Tour Offering : 10-DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOTORCYCLE TOUR.

Or first read “What’s So Special. anyway, About a Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour.

We also offer three different 5-Day GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOTORCYCLE TOURS for those whose holiday time is limited.
If you have an abundance of leisure time, A.M.A does offer extended motorcycle expeditions tours, like our ONE-MONTH ALL-THAILAND GRAND TOUR that covers Thailand in it’s entirety. This motorcycle tour is the epitome of adventure travel by motorcycle.

We are most looking forward to our very special Chiang Mai to Vladivostok Motorcycle Expedition scheduled for August, 2017. This 5-week tour will travel through Laos, China, Mongolia, and Russia. You can follow this tour on our blog whose link will be posted on this website.
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If you are serious about motorcycle touring in Asia, you should choose a serious motorcycle touring company.

We here at ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES hope to have the opportunity of riding with you real soon.