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7 Secrets of Chiang Mai 1-Day Motorcycle Tour

This 1-day motorcycle tour visits 7 seldom-viewed points of interest in and around Chiang Mai.

– Tour departs daily 9 a.m. from Thapae Gate in the center of Chiang Mai; returns at 6 p.m.

– Tour is limited to 10 participants.

– A Kawasaki KLX 250 is provided with petrol, helmets, and 1st-class insurance.

– A motorcycle tour guide will lead your group.

– Motorcycles covered with 1st-class insurance

– Tours are registered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

– Advanced reservations required.

– Buffet lunch is included at the lakeside Kaleree Restaurant.

– Motorcycle driving license is mandatory.
This 1-day tour covers 75 kilometers at an unhurried pace.
Price: USD 349.00 per person. Includes lunch and all entrance fees.
Read tour itinerary below….

1. Wat Prathat Doi Kham


Wat Doi Kham on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tourArrive at Wat Prathat Doi Kham at 9:30.
Located behind the Royal Flora, this temple is older the Chiang Mai itself, and it dates from the Haripunchai era which was when Lamphun was the only town in the Ping valley, making it about 1,000 years old. The giant Buddha is the most notable landmark, though it’s only 20 years old and was built to draw attention to this forgotten royal temple which is reckoned to house a hair of the Buddha. It has a similar courtyard layout to Wat Suthep, and nice views. It’s far less touristy and the enormous Buddha is very photo friendly. There’s a legend that says a princess of Lamphun challenged a local suitor to fire an arrow from this hill to Lamphun to woe her, he failed of course.

2. Wat Phra Phuttabat Si Loi

Wat Phra Phuttabat Si Loi on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tour.Arrive at Wat Phra Phuttabat Si Loi at 10:30.

Behind it however is one of the more curious temples in the area, Wat Phra Phuttabat Si Loi, which is one of the more photogenic in Chiang Mai – lots of money has been spent lately on this one. It was reconsecrated as the relocation of a remote temple of the same name much further into the hills. It’s reckoned to be one of the sanctified Buddha footprint temples based on the legend that the Lord Buddha did in fact visit Thailand and left his holy relic of foot prints behind. The best explanation I could get from the local monk was that it was relocated for more convenient public access.



3. Mon Cham Viewpoint

Mon Cham viewpoint on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tour.Arrive at Mon Cham Viewpoint at 11:30.

This circular route up into the hills is an excellent ride, skirting the bowl-shaped valley until you arrive at the hill tribe village of Nong Noi. It’s become pretty busy lately thanks to the now famous Mon Cham, a picnic spot on the peak above them. It’s the place to go if you’re want ultimate facebook selfie; the views are to die for, especially on sunny days in the wet season. The road from the village descends to Pongyang and the Mae Sa valley. Stop at the botanical gardens or elephant camp and it’s a perfect day out for your visiting rellies.
12:00. Buffet lunch at the lakeside Kalaree Restaurant.
Sample all the most famous Thai dishes, cooked the authentic way!


4. Terraced Rice Fields in Mae Rim

Terraced rice fields on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tour.
Arrive at rice fields at 1:30.

The drive to the Mae Rim area is a gorgeous one. Depending on the time of year, the farmers are either planting or reaping the rice harvest by hand in a scene as old as humankind.

Great photos everywhere you point your camera.



5. Tweechol Botanical Gardens

Tweechol Botanical Gardens on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tour.Arrive at Tweechol Botanical Gardens at 2:15.
Chiang Mai’s lesser-known botanical garden, this marvelous park is the tireless efforts of Mr Tweesackdi Sesaweech and his wife, Chalarng who have developed it quietly over two decades so that the city now has fantastic collections of mature tropical trees and palms, along with sculptured gardens of all sorts of exotic variety of plants. The gardens are clearly demarcated according to types of plants.




6. Wiang Tha Kan

Wiang Tha Kan on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tour.Arrive at Wiang Tha Kon at 3:30.

Wiang Tha Kan is an ancient city dating back to around the 10th century, before the rise of King Mengrai. It’s located in Sanpatong, and was likely associated with the Haripunchai Kingdom. During excavations of this site, sandstone and earthen Buddha images including earthen amulets, brown jars with bones and Chinese porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368) were found in the area of Tha Kan village. The best preserved of the ruins are the pagoda and the foundations of the viharn, constructed from bricks and laterite.



7. Sri Sangwang Waterfall

Sri Sangwang waterfall on an Asian Motorcycle Adventures Thailand motorcycle tour.Arrive at Sri Sangwang Waterfall at 4:30.
The most spectacular waterfall in the Chiang Mai Valley with the tallest drop at over 50 meters. This 12-step cascade is great for swimming and there’s just enough time to fit in a quick dip before heading back to Chiang Mai.



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