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5-Day Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tours – Basics and Introduction


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Lots of people have been telling us they would love to come on one of our motorcycle tours but don’t have enough time to spare for one of our 10-day tours.  So by popular demand we are now offering three different 5-Day Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tours for those on a tighter schedule.  But even though these tours are for fewer days, they are still packed with the same great roads, sightseeing, cultural experiences, and dinning that make up the essence of all our other motorcycle tours.  We hope that five days and 1,200+ kilometers of fantastic riding over the greatest motorcycle roads in Asia will satisfy the most demanding bikers.

For those unfortunates whose vacation time is limited, we offer three different 5-Day Tours. Your choices are:

(Click on the above links to go directly to that tour’s itinerary.)

All 5-Day Tours are filled with the same great riding as our 10-Day tours, but each 5-Day tour contains approximately half the mileage and half the days.

The structure behind our first two 5-Day tours is simple: it is our 10-Day tour sliced in half along the north-south axis. This divides north Thailand into an eastern side and a western side. And this is exactly what we named these two tours: GOLDEN TRIANGLE EAST and GOLDEN TRIANGLE WEST.

The main differences between these two tours are:

  • The GOLDEN TRIANGLE EAST tour stays off the tourist track and includes the most mileage of any of the 5-day tours.
  • The GOLDEN TRIANGLE WEST tour, in comparison, includes three exceptional resort stays plus you get to ride the northern half of the Mae Hong Son Loop.  If you are travelling with a pillion passenger, she will probably appreciate the GT WEST TOUR the most.
  • Our third, 5-Day Tour is GOLDEN TRIANGLE SOUTH.  On this tour we explore the region lying south of Chiang Mai, which hosts not one but two UNESCO World Heritage sites; Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai.  In addition, this route also includes the juiciest riding segments of the Mae Hong Son Loop and another truly awesome road that no one ever seems to mention.  If you have more than a passing interest in history and art, then this GT South Tour is a good choice.

Cumulative distances:

  • 5-DAY GT WEST covers 1,100 + kms. / 650 + miles.
  • 5-DAY GT SOUTH covers 1,200 + kms. / 700 + miles.
  • 5-DAY GT EAST covers 1,300 + kms. / nearly 800 miles.

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To understand what these 5-Day Tours are all about, what is included in the tour package, what isn’t, you should read the 10-Day Golden Triangle TOUR PACKAGE section because nearly everything in it applies to our 5-Day tours as well.

To summarize the most important aspects of our 5-Day tours:

  • All 5-Day tours are luxury tours.

  • 5-Day tours are primarily sealed road tours.

  • 5-Day tours are group tours and we ride as a group in a convoy. The lead motorcycle is ridden by your tour guide. Our support vehicle stays at the back of the convoy.

  • Participants should have medium-to-advanced riding skills.

  • Starting and ending point for all 5-Day tours is Chiang Mai.

  • All 5-Day tours start on a Monday and end on a Friday.

  • A participant’s meeting is scheduled early Sunday afternoon the day before the tour starts.  Participants are expected to attend this meeting.

  • None of the 5-Day tours include a rest day.

  • Everyone gets a private hotel room for the duration of the tour unless you are traveling as a couple.

  • A support truck, tour guide, and mechanic accompany each tour.

  • Use of motorcycle, all meals, petrol, and entrance fees are included in the tour package.

  • Not included are alcoholic beverages, visa fees, and items of a personal nature (such as laundry, massage, etc.).

To briefly summarize again the main differences between these three tours:

  • The GT WEST Tour includes three exceptional resort stays and you get to ride the northern half of the Mae Hong Son Loop.

  •  The GT SOUTH Tour visits two UNESCO World Heritage sites, plus you get to ride almost the entirety of the Mae Hong Son Loop.

  • The GT EAST Tour has the most riding, avoids the tourist track, and has the greatest variety of roads. It also includes what many local bikers consider to be the best sport bike road in the country.


We do have one other 5-Day tour.  It is the Old Elephant Trail Off-Road Tour, and like the name says it is predominately off-road, so it is not for everyone.  But if you love off-road riding, please click on the link because this is a very special tour.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 5-Day tour packages do not include hotel accommodations on the night of our return to Chiang Mai. This is because many 5-Day Tour participants decide to fly out of Chiang Mai upon the completion of their tour. If you desire accommodations when we return to Chiang Mai, please let us know in advance and we can make a reservation for you in our usual lodging facility.

We have put together a short video of the Perry Group’s 10-Day Golden Triangle motorcycle tour. Click on this link to get a feel of what this tour is like.

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If the motorcycle tour dates you desire are not listed, custom tours can be arranged to fit into your time frame, especially if you have formed your own group.  Please contact us.

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